WATCH: Ducks Form Flying-V Alongside Speedboat in Mesmerizing Video

by Megan Molseed

Hitting the water for a fun day of boating with family and friends rarely makes for a bad time. However, even good times like these can get even better when the area wildlife wants to join in!

This is exactly what happened recently when a group (officially called a “plump”) of ducks followed a cruising water vessel during one boat ride. Forming a “V” as they moved alongside the boat. The video was shared on the Outsider Twitter page earlier this week. And, it’s quite mesmerizing to watch, with the ducks keeping up as it moves seamlessly across the top of the water, the passengers watching the impressive sight as the birds join in on their fun.

Hard to tell from the 18-second video clip just how long the ducks kept up with their new water pals. But, it was no doubt a mesmerizingly impressive sight, however long this plump of ducks kept up!

California Officials and the Wetlands Wildlife Care Center Are Investigating Incidents Where Ducks Are Found Without Beaks

This summer, California wildlife officials were stumped as multiple ducks were found near Fountain Valley’s Mile Square Regional Park with their beaks removed. As of late last month, three ducks have been found in this condition. Based on the evidence found when examining the injuries, wildlife rescue officials believe these removals are done intentionally.

“Our suspicion is with so many injured in the same way, that it seems intentional,” says Debbie McGuire the executive director of the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center during a discussion with The Los Angeles Times.

All Signs Point To Human Involvement, However Natural Predators Are Not Being Ruled Out

According to the reports, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is thoroughly investigating the incidents. And officials are not ruling out the fact that a natural predator could be the cause of these disfigurements. However, the consistency of the cases leads the officials to believe that these disfigurements are done by human hands.

California’s state law against animal cruelty calls for up to three years in state prison. Guilty parties can also face a fine as high as $20,000. According to the California Penal Code, animal cruelty is defined as intentionally maiming, mutilating, torturing, wounding, or killing a living animal.

These mutilated ducks were quickly euthanized after being found. Without the beaks, the ducks are unable to eat and they would have faced slow starvation without official intervention.