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WATCH: Dust Devil Completely Rips Entire Tree From the Ground in Wild Clip

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Proving that snow isn’t the only weather condition to worry about during the winter months, a dust devil was seen completely ripping an entire tree from the ground in a new viral video. 

Instagram account Nature Is Metal shared the video. “Dust devil obliterates a tree,” the caption reads. The account then described the weather phenomenon as being whirlwind-like and typically forms in dry, arid regions. “It is created when hot air near the surface of the ground rises rapidly,” it was noted. “And is caught in a swirling motion by the wind. This causes a spinning column of air that picks up dust and other loose debris from the ground, creating a visible vortex.”

It was further noted that dust devils are typically short-lived and relatively weak. “They can sometimes grow to be several meters tall and produce wind speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.”

The National Weather Service further reports that devils occur throughout much of the world, including Arizona. It was noted that the typical diameters range from 10 to 300 feet. The average height is approximately 500 to 1000 feet.

“In most locations, dust devils typically last only a few minutes before dissipating,” The National Weather Service explained. “Although, in deserts typical of northern Arizona, dust devils can reach heights of several thousand feet and last on the order of an hour or more. Wind speeds in larger dust devils can reach 60 mph or greater. Even though they are generally smaller than tornadoes, dust devils can still be destructive as they lift dust and other debris into the air.”

It was further revealed that dust devils are able to form anywhere in Arizona. This is due to a combination of southern latitude and increased solar heating. 

A Dust Devil Picked Up a Trampoline and Dropped It On Arizona’s I-10

Earlier this year, 12 News reported that a dust devil picked up a trampoline and dropped it on Arizona’s I-10 freeway in Tucson.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety revealed at the time that a state trooper noticed the trampoline getting picked up by a dust devil. It was then dropped on the freeway.  The trampoline then bounced around between the westbound and eastbound lanes. Luckily, a trucker pushed the trampoline over to the right. It was noted that the trooper was about to secure the trampoline with a tow strap. This was done in order to prevent it from interrupting traffic. 

Fortunately, it was reported that no one was hurt by the trampoline. However, the Arizona Department of Public Safety warned residents living near the state freeways to secure their trampolines.