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WATCH: Dutiful Dog Kills Snake After Owner Pulls It From Farm Equipment

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

A very dutiful and very good pup was on hand to help its owner take down a snake that had found its way inside farm equipment. In a wild video, we see a helpful dog as it watches its owner try and pull a snake out of a big piece of farm machinery. The pup is right on hand, watching the farmer as it pokes at the reptile. Soon, however, the dutiful dog takes over, grabbing the snake and thrashing it about into submission.

This Brave Dog Steps Into Action Showing Us Why Dogs Are Our Best Friends

Who doesn’t love to watch a good viral dog video? Especially those videos where a pet pup decides to step in and help its owner…working to protect its people from foreseeable dangers. This recent video showing a dog killing a snake as its owner pulls the serpent out of a piece of farm equipment is no exception, that’s for sure! The viral video was shared on Instagram recently, showing the dutiful pup in action.

As the now-viral clip begins, we see the farmer – who is also the dog’s owner, it seems – as they try and poke the snake out of the machinery. The farmer is armed with a long stick while poking and prodding in the snake’s direction. However, they maneuver their way into a different angle trying the same tactic from another angle. The entire time, the very good dog is right by its owner’s side. Watching the reptile as it slithers within the machinery.

Then, the pet owner lets out a whistle as soon as the snake is slightly visible. Giving the pup clearance to pounce and attack the slithery serpent.

The Snake Tries To Free Itself From The Pup’s Jaws…But The Dutiful Dog Wasn’t About To Give Up!

The helpful pup leaps into action, pulling the snake all the way out of the equipment, its jaws locked around the sneaky reptile. The dog begins to shake the snake ruthlessly as the serpent tries to break free of the dog’s grip. But the dog is determined to shake the life from the snake. And eventually, the reptile is left lifeless as the dog sniffs its prey.

Commenters were quick to share their thoughts on this clip, showering the pup with praise. One Insta user notes that the dog “understood the assignment” when it took on the reptile.

Another watcher of the viral clip notes how good this dog is and that the pup “better sleep in by the heat tonight. And wake up to a glorious breakfast.”

“I lost my faithful Jack Russel just over a year ago to cancer,” another viewer writes in a touching message.

“I’m still brokenhearted,” the commenter adds. “Your video brought back so many memories.”