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WATCH: Eagle Drops Rabbit, Swoops Down to Catch It in Midair

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

We’ve all done it…had one of those clumsy moments where we drop something as we were walking. However, sometimes these moments can turn into near-misses by catching whatever we dropped before it hits the ground. A slick move that makes us look crazy smooth when it works. However, few could be as smooth as this eagle who saves the day, swooping down to catch its prey after dropping it in midair.

It’s unclear how this footage actually came about. Chances are it was a drone flying above, following the majestic bird of prey as it soars through the air. Whatever the case, something spectacular was captured during this particular shoot. And, the Outsider Twitter page is on top of it, sharing the clip in a recent post.

“Eagle drops a rabbit,” notes the Outsider Twitter post. “and, in a stunning display, swoops back down to grab it midair.”

The Eagle Makes An Impressive Recovery After Almost Losing Its Recent Catch

As the video begins, we see the majestic eagle as it soars far above the trees holding onto a freshly caught rabbit. It’s headed somewhere for a snack, no doubt. However, this raptor has gotten a bit too excited during its flight and it soon loses its grip on the struggling animal that the bird is holding tightly in its talons.

Thankfully, however, this eagle was quick on its toes – or wings – and it notices the dropped catch immediately. And, in one impressively swift motion, the bird of prey doubled back midair, re-capturing the doomed rabbit within mere seconds before heading on its way.

Bald Eagle Swoops Onto The Waters Surface, Trying Desperately To Nab A Quick Thinking Waterfowl

This massive bird of prey finished the day with its impressive catch. However, sometimes the original hunt doesn’t even go so smoothly. This is what happens in a “Nature is Metal” Instagram post when a bald eagle faces hunting misses, one after another as a waterfowl expertly evades capture, dunking underwater every time the bird comes close.

“Bald eagle dive bombs an unidentified waterfowl,” notes the Nature Is Metal Insta post. The post continues to note that the waterfowl’s only “countermeasure against this aerial assault is to dive below the surface of the water whenever the eagle makes a pass.” A tactic, the post notes, that works very well on this particular occasion.

“This is a good strategy because the eagle’s feathers are prone to becoming waterlogged,” the Insta post explains. “If the raptor enters the water to get this bird he better have a good grip on it because the only way a waterlogged eagle is getting out of the water is by swimming to the shore.”

Watch the wild clip showing an eagle as it swoops down to catch its dropped prey in midair.