WATCH: Egret With Completely Broken Bill Has the Internet Sounding Off

by Taylor Cunningham
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An injured egret is proving to be an inspiration to thousands of social media users.

The Instagram account Nature is Metal shared a video and backstory of the now-famous bird on Nov. 5. Footage shows that the bottom half of the egret’s bill is completely broken. It simply hangs, which makes it useless for hunting and trapping food. However, the animal has somehow learned to adapt to the disability and continues to thrive in the wild.

“Shocked Pikachu face indeed,” reads the caption. “But picture it on mine when I found out that this champ is still finding ways to keep himself fed.”

When the videographer, Thomas Winfall, passed the clip to Nature is Metal, he explained that he watched the bird use its functioning bill to skewer and swallow a lizard just before it took off in the clip.

As the post pointed out, “it’s easy to make a judgment based on nothing but a visual.” But during all the years that the account has been active, the moderator continues to see animals and nature defeating all odds, which should serve as an example for us.

“The seemingly impossible things we are trying to get done might not be as impossible as we think they are. It’s definitely life on hard mode, no question,” the post added. “But if it can be made to work, we can make our situations work too.”

“We’re not even in the nature’s game right now for being in hardcore mode. These creatures can take so much pressure in their life. It’s simply amazing.”

Social Media in Awe of Horribly Disadvantaged Egret

Between the poetic prose and the image of the injured but otherwise healthy egret, people are in awe of the creature’s determination to survive. Since posting, the video has gandered over 45k likes.

“Improvise, adapt, overcome,” wrote pops_butters.

However, as one follower pointed out, humans may be the only animal that gives into defeat. Every other species will fight to survive until the very end because they don’t know anything else.

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” commented g_angelic. “But I genuinely believe that animals don’t have ‘give up’ in their genetics.”

And that seems to be the overwhelming theme of the post, and also the moral of the story. Perhaps we should be more like the egret. Because in reality, many of our problems pale in comparison.

“Wow! That is so true, so deep, so awesome, and inspirational,” added amybjoy. “What a cool way to think about ‘life’! Thanks for that!