WATCH: Elderly Couple Retreats After Getting Ridiculously Close to Bison Herd

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It seems the warnings are everywhere, telling visitors to any of the nation’s national parks (and beyond) to steer clear of the native wildlife. Especially the larger members of the group as many of them are prone to attack or charge if they feel threatened.

However, these warnings don’t seem to be getting across to some people. And, one recent Instagram clip highlights one of these moments as an elderly couple tries desperately to retreat after getting way too close to a herd of buffalo. It’s one of those situations where you don’t want to watch … but you have to … just to see how everything unfolds.

Somebody Go Tell Them That Bison Are Only Friends From Afar!

In the recent Instagram post, we see a clip featuring an older couple as they stand along the side of a road. Several cars are lined up ahead and stopped back to back. Most, we assume, are trying to catch a glimpse of the herd of bison standing just off to the side. All from the safety of their vehicles. Except for the couple who is getting dangerously close to the grazing bison. Unaware of the danger they are likely facing head-on.

The message coinciding with the Insta post includes a bison emoji along with the two eyes.

“Somebody better go get Gammy & Gramps!” the Instagram post quips. We all know why. You simply do not come up that close to any bison. Much less an entire herd.

The Tourists Soon Realize That Getting This Close To A Bison Herd Is Not A Good Idea

As the video continues it is hilariously accompanied by the theme from Jaws. And, as the events unfold, the elderly couple soon realizes that standing right by the herd of bison may not be their best choice. They begin to slowly back away. As they move further from the bison we see a few of the wild animals are looking to wander about. Making their way to the road, they are seemingly unaware of the couple who have put themselves into the precarious situation.

The couple begins slowly backing away, but then they stop for a beat. However, they soon decide this spot isn’t as safe as they thought, either as a few more of the massive animals advance. The first bison breaks from the herd briefly as it walks slowly onto the road. But several other bison soon follow. Causing the couple to move further out of the way…the couple’s movements now look to be a little more urgent as the bison continue to advance. Thankfully it appears these two escaped unharmed. Others, however, haven’t always been so lucky.