WATCH: Elk Cow Gets Stuck Inside Snowy Trampoline

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Prisma by Dukas/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A family in Evergreen, Colorado walked out to an unusual sight one day when they found an elk cow stuck inside their trampoline. Yes, you read that right. The video below sees the elk try and figure its way out of the trampoline but, instead, finds itself unintentionally bouncing and bucking on the unsteady, snow-covered platform. Even more humorous, the herd also seems concerned, with two of the other females sticking close to the trampoline showing obvious concern.

According to the video caption, which was written by YouTube user Greg Chase, the elk managed to find its way onto the trampoline through a hole in the mesh siding. Exploring the trampoline at first, the elk shocked the watchers when it suddenly climbed in and began trotting around in circles.

The woman behind the camera suggests calling wildlife officials to help get him out, but unfortunately, Chase doesn’t show or tell us exactly how the elk escaped. Hopefully, she just found the hole where she got in and managed to safely make her way out.

More than anything though, this seems to be a lesson for people living in elk country. If you have a trampoline and want to avoid unintentionally trapping wild animals, be sure access to your trampoline is extremely restricted.

Cow Elk Caught Eating Rabbit in Ridiculously Bizarre Clip

As strict herbivores, a video of a cow elk seemingly eating a rabbit is ridiculously strange. Though the clip doesn’t exactly show the massive animal consuming the limp rabbit, it nevertheless swings it around by its leg, gnashing on its leg as it looks around.

Typically, grasses, tree leaves, twigs, and shrubs fulfill an elk’s diet, however, there have been rare occasions of elk, and members of the deer family in general, feasting on unlucky prey. And though the elk in the clip hardly boasts the same dangerous teeth as omnivores and herbivores like bears and wolves, the giant creature still managed to kill the rabbit, based on the limpness of its body.

Viewers, both amazed and in disbelief about the strange video, flocked to the comments to share their very mixed reactions.

“Here in Texas,” one YouTube user wrote, “we have seen deer eating fresh meat as well as rotting carcasses.”

Another viewer added, “My [elk] eat chicken and also Chinese food.” Clearly, those particular elk have an extremely diverse diet.

Others, less seriously, quipped, “Elk: ‘Hey everybody, I caught the little thief who’s been eating all [our] food!'”

Still, other viewers claimed the elk wasn’t actually eating the rabbit but had killed it for one reason or another. Whatever the case might be, though, the clip is still incredibly strange and we hope, for the rabbits’ sake, that this particular elk doesn’t make a habit of chomping down on good ol’ Thumper.