WATCH: Enormous 16-foot Great White Shark Blasts Through Open Cage, Diver Forced to Swim for His Life

by Jonathan Howard

There is something about great white sharks that terrify and fascinate people. However, the terrifying part should be emphasized here. Nothing like the great outdoors, right folks? Jimi Partington, while filming a spot for Shark Week was in a cage as a shark approached. Things got more than a little wild from there.

Over the years, videos of sharks attacking these diver cages have gone viral more than once. It’s a mainstay on Discovery during this time of year. If there are sharks on screen, an underwater cage isn’t far away. As far as close calls go, this one was razor thin. Partington was doing his thing when a 16-foot monster decided to rock his world.

Watch this video below and see for yourself. Just when you think things aren’t going to get any worse, they get worse. Jimi is thrown from the cage, into open waters, and the shark keeps coming. He scrambles around and thankfully makes it to safety. Not a place you want to be.

The great white shark was likely checking out what was in front of him. When he hit that cage, it looks like the shark was surprised as well. This actually happened back in 2020, but the footage is just now coming out for the Great White Open Ocean film.

Jeff Kurr, producer and director, opened up about the filming of this moment.

“We were able to capture this encounter on film, and it’s probably the most spectacular sequence in Shark Week history. It’s also miraculous because when Jimi was hit by the shark, he didn’t get a scratch on him.”

Not many people get to have an encounter like this and live to tell the tale. To come away without a scratch is even more mind-boggling.

Great White Shark vs. Giant Squid

In a recent Shark Week revelation, the question was posed that has been posed many times before – who would win in a fight? A great white shark or a giant squid? Surely in the time, these animals have shared on this planet they have had a duel or two. However, no one has been able to see it in person before. So, we ask questions.

When you consider that these sharks can get up to 20 feet and 5,000 pounds in weight, it’s a good question. However, consider this – giant squids can get up to 60+ feet long. We actually don’t know what their limit is. With long tentacles covered with suckers (yes they have teeth), and a dangerously sharp beak the squid is a formidable opponent.

This might all come down to the size of the squid the shark has to go up against.

Outsider’s own Jon D.B. did a breakdown of the battle – make sure to check that out. But, more importantly, who do you think would win?