WATCH: Enormous Brown Bear Breaks Into California 7-Eleven, Devours Candy Bars

by Joe Rutland

In a new viral video, a 7-Eleven worker encountered a not-so-welcome guest: a brown bear. We get some play-by-play a little bit from a cashier named Christopher Kinson. He’s the guy who was working back on September 6 at 1:30 a.m. at the 7-Eleven in Olympic Valley, California. At first, the front door would open yet no one would come on into the store. Well, it was not a person. It was a brown bear.

“The videos really don’t do it justice,” Kinson said. “The bear was about 20% to 30% bigger in real life.” OK, so how did all of this kind of go down? Apparently, the brown bear was hungry. Makes sense. It’s late. He had a bad case of the munchies and found the store open for business. So, the brown bear waddled inside and nabbed some candy bars. Kinson was behind the counter and simply watched. But he apparently also did attempt to lock the front door with a bin liner and a mop.

Brown Bear Throws Cashier Into A Tizzy

“I always kept my distance and I had the back door near me so I could escape if it charged me,” Kinson said. “I was scared initially, but they just want to eat. You always have to be careful though. We don’t know how exactly they are thinking. Initially, I was scared, but after 15, 20 seconds, I was fine.”

In the video, the brown bear takes chocolates one or two at a time. Apparently, the bear had some style and even, dare we say, manners about his forays into the 7-Eleven in California.

“It’s funny,” Kinson said. “It’s like it was purposely polite to take one candy bar at a time, it’s almost like it had manners.”

This all makes sense, of course. Well, the brown bear would return time and time again for goodies. Yet he would finally leave for about half an hour, according to this report. Kinson then moved to really block the door for good. He took a broom handle and what appeared to be a garbage bag.

“It came in, sniffed around, then scooted out,” he said. “Once it got the food that it wanted and it scooted right out the door. It grabbed [the food], went out for two or three minutes, and came back”