WATCH: Escaped Bull Charges Into Bank, Sends Employees Running for Their Lives

by Jonathan Howard

You have likely heard of a bull in a china shop, but this is a little ridiculous. An Israeli bank was shocked when a bull came charging through. The viral moment was caught on camera. One moment you’re just a bull out in the pasture, the next, you’re free and breaking through the fence onto greener pastures. While the bovine caused quite an uproar, it seems that this will be a funny story for all involved when they look back.

The bull managed to escape from a property nearby the bank in the city of Lod, near Tel-Aviv. Going into work on a Monday morning can be one of the hardest things you do during the week. However, most people don’t have to deal with a loose bull. These poor workers at Bank Leumi tried their best. But, it wasn’t good enough.

Watch this bull slip and slide around while a handful of dudes who know nothing about catching a bull do their best, via the NY Post. This involves a traffic cone, some rope, and a race down a marble hallway that will make you at least chuckle a bit.

Since the bull couldn’t get a lot of traction, it wasn’t a huge threat. Still, the large mammal was made and scared enough that the farmer and a veterinarian had to intervene. The bull was tranquilized before being taken back to the property that he came from. It only took… oh, half an hour or so.

After the incident, a Bank Leumi representative released a statement. And, the good news, “there were no casualties and no damage.”

You just never want to be in a situation like this. Even if the bull makes a hilarious show of himself in the process, it can be a dangerous situation.

Bull Gores Man in Spain

Israel isn’t really the place people think of for bull sports. Of course, Spain is the master of handling these large animals. With sports and festivals and even being chased in the streets by hundreds of bulls. The Spanish know a thing or two. However, this 47-year-old should have just left this baby bull alone.

Even a small bull, if it has horns, can be deadly. This man is lucky to have lived through the awful injury. If you want, you can check that video out over here. Hundreds of spectators in attendance watched as the man was gored with a horn and started to bleed quite a bit. Just when things looked like they would end in death, he was saved by bystanders that intervened.

If it wasn’t for one person wrapping the wound with a quickly made tourniquet, this would have ended really badly. However, the kindness of others was able to make a difference here. Don’t go picking fights you can’t win, Outsiders. And just stay on the good side of the next bull you deal with.