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WATCH: Escaped Bull Wanders Through Suburban Neighborhood

by Taylor Cunningham
Oleg Breslavtsev/Getty

A young bull living just outside of Syndey, Australia, went on a hooved joyride recently when it escaped from its pen and strolled through a neighboring suburb.

The animal was caught on several security cameras as it wandered about the town of Menangle. It jumped hedges, walked through streets, and even went straight to one person’s front door.

“I didn’t believe it. Not at all,” the homeowner, Ty Bernard, told News 7. “I was very surprised by what happened.”

Footage shows the bull pressing on the door with its nose and prancing around before heading back into the yard. And running to the home directly next door.

Bernard’s next-door neighbors, the Alexandropoulos family, shared that they had recently moved into the town because of its rural atmosphere. But they didn’t expect the farm life to actually come knocking.

“We moved into the area for a bit more of a country feel,” said Natalie Alexandropoulos. “And, yeah, woke up and saw a cow in the street and thought, ‘wow, this is really country.’”

The animal continued causing a spectacle as it ran through yards. Residents claimed that it trampled their gardens and even charged a woman before it ran back towards its supposed home. However, it is unclear if the animal actually made it back to its enclosure.

Escaped Bull Gores Woman and Saves Her Life

Another story of an escaped bull made headlines in the United States when the animal inadvertently saved its victims life.

The incident happened this past May in California at the Redding Rodeo. Paige King, 25, was in the stands when the horned animal escaped the ring and charged.

“I was sitting there with my boyfriend, and we were watching the run, she told KRCR. “And then all of a sudden, I looked to my left to glance at something, and I looked back over, and the bull was right there coming at me. So I had no initial reaction until it happened.”

King was one of six people who were injured and rushed to the hospital that day. When she got there, doctors learned that the bull hadn’t caused much damage. But during her scans, they uncovered early-stage thyroid cancer.

The situation gained the attention of Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Bob Tallman, and he reached out to King to encourage her to get treatment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, which is exactly what she did.

The ordeal then came full circle when King was recovering. When she was well enough to head back to work as a house cleaner, she was riding to a client’s home with a co-worker. As they passed a farm, she looked out the window and saw a massive bull that looked identical to her attacker.

“[I] looked to my left, and all of a sudden, I saw this bull,” she said. “And he looked identical to the bull from that night, and I looked at my coworker and said there’s no way.”

As it turned out, it was the same animal. Luckily after the chain of events saved her life, she was about “to smile” and “laugh” about the horrifying encounter.