WATCH: Escaped Seal Wreaks Havoc on Shopping Mall

by Megan Molseed

A fugitive seal broke loose from a mall animal exhibit in China creating quite the commotion. Perhaps the wayward seal had no intention of wreaking any havoc on the shopping center. Maybe it was just interested in doing a bit of window shopping. Whatever the case was behind this mammal’s escape, it made for some exciting video footage!

Wayward Seal Gives Shoppers a Scare After Breaking Loose From Shopping Mall Animal Exhibit

We wonder if there was a sale at Wet Seal the other day … maybe this wandering animal was looking for a new top or perhaps some accessories? Not likely, but this seal certainly took over the area, giving mall-goers a scare as it wanders around a Lu-An City shopping mall in China.

The escaped animal got loose earlier this week when a trolly transporting the seal into a mall exhibit faced some troubles and tipped over. The video shows the escaped animal as it sits in the middle of the mall floor, looking around. Within seconds the fugitive animal decides to start wandering, sending shoppers running in the other direction.

The Fugitive Mammal Becomes The Star Of The Show

As the chaos ensues, the animal’s handler tries hard to wrangle the seal. But, it isn’t going to give up easily after this short taste of freedom!

The seal rounds a corner, hoping to keep up its momentum as it continues “galumphing” around the mall. Eventually, however, the handler is able to catch up with the wayward mammal while holding a bucket of something. We’re guessing it’s a snack that seals enjoy because the animal paused for a bit, just in front of the handler.

But, even the promise of a snack isn’t enough to slow this seal down! It doesn’t take long before the wayward escapee continues its journey in the shopping center while the handler follows closely behind.

One New Zealand Family Finds An Unexpected Visitor In Their Entryway

Recently, one New Zealand family received an unusual visit from a home-invading seal. When Jenn Ross returned home from her morning workout she came face to face with a young fur seal making itself at home in her entryway.

The Ross family believes that the young fur seal entered their New Zealand home through the family’s cat door. While the seal seemed to be quite comfortable hanging out in the entryway at first, it soon decided it was ready to move on. However, the young marine mammal had no idea how to get back outside.

“It got a bit of a fright,” Jenn Ross says of the unusual visitor.

“[The seal] humped its way down the hallway into a spare room,” Ross says.

Eventually, the Ross family was able to work with local authorities shooing the seal out into the garden. Once out there the seal – who the Ross family dubbed Oscar – was netted and returned to the sea which sits just 500 feet from the New Zealand home.