WATCH: Farm Animals Join Forces to Save Chicken From Huge Hawk in Tense Clip

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Darrell Gulin/Getty Images)

A group of farm animals Avengers Assembled on a huge hawk as it tried to snatch a chicken out of its pen while it was sunbathing. In this harrowing video, which looks like something out of “Charlotte’s Web,” a hawk comes soaring in out of nowhere and swoops down on an unsuspecting chicken who was just minding its own business.

The hawk and the chicken tussle across the pen, the chicken fighting for its life. All of a sudden: reinforcements. It’s a scene out of “Chicken Run.” Another chicken comes tearing in from the side and attacks the hawk. Then, a goat gets into the fray, headbutting the hawk into letting the chicken go. Feathers fly everywhere. The goat does a barrel roll while the second chicken escapes and the first chicken runs inside the coop to safety. The hawk flies away, defeated as the goat gets up, triumphant.

Clearly, these animals have formed a bond and won’t let a hawk take anyone down. I feel like I’m watching the behind-the-scenes of “Babe.” Okay, now I’m out of farm movies to reference. Still, the video gives us a glimpse into the secret life of farm animals and how they’ve grown to respect and protect each other. That may be a romanticization of animal behavior, but who else would you face a hawk for but your best friend?

Farm Employees Charged With Animal Cruelty After Video Surfaces of Them Kicking Turkeys

In not-so-heroic news, eleven employees from various Pennsylvania farms are facing animal cruelty charges. This comes after a video was released of them kicking and beating turkeys. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the individuals were recorded at multiple farms kicking, beating, and stomping the birds.

Police launched an investigation into Plainville Farms after PETA filed a complaint. According to the group, they sent people undercover to the farm to investigate their claims of being “animal welfare certified.” The undercover employee worked there for three weeks and captured video of violent, disturbing, and graphic treatment of the animals.

“Every night, at every farm the crews worked at, these men threw turkeys,” said Dan Paden, PETA’s vice president of evidence analysis. “Viciously kicked and stomped on them. And killed them in the most rampant, top-to-bottom display of cruelty to farmed animals we’ve ever seen.”

According to Pennsylvania State Police, evidence of mistreatment was gathered at farms in Chester, Cumberland, Franklin, Fulton, Perry, and Union counties. Police have filed 139 charges. This includes 6 felony accounts of aggravated cruelty to animals and 76 cruelty to animals misdemeanor charges.

“This was a lengthy, detailed investigation that involved reviewing a lot of evidence at multiple locations,” said state police animal cruelty officer Cpl. Michael Spada.

Plainville Farms was previously suspended from the Global Animal Partnership’s animal welfare and labeling program. They previously touted their products as being “humanely raised” in a “stress-free environment.” Now, their turkey products carry an “Earthwise” seal, which is a company-wide trademark. Therefore, Plainville Farms products are not labeled by outside organizations.