WATCH: Fearless Mama Rat Saves Baby From Jaws of King Cobra

by Megan Molseed

King cobras are certainly high up there on the food chain in areas populated by the highly venomous serpent. The king cobra has long been hailed as one of the most dangerous snakes in the entire world and is most commonly found in India.

While the king cobra may be ruling among some of the top predators within India’s wildlife food chain, that doesn’t mean it has complete control over its victims. Such as one video shows after one king cobra tried to make a baby rat a midday snack.

The King Cobra’s Diet Consists Of A Variety Of Small Animals…But This Baby Rat Isn’t One Of Them!

Recently, a video featuring a brave momma rat surfaced as the relentless rodent gets ruthless. Saving her baby from the jaws of a king cobra. In the video, we see the serpent hunting a baby rat, holding the young animal tight in its jaws.

However, momma rat wasn’t going to let the predator retreat with her young before putting up a fight. And, her ruthless tactics ultimately saved the life of her little one.

The video is titled ‘Rat vs Snake Fight’ and it has had a wildly high number of views since going viral. The clip shows the snake as it attacks a tiny little rat. However, momma rat wasn’t having any of this. Her baby was NOT going to be a snack for this cobra. And her relentless defense worked as she managed to save the tiny offspring.

The Momma Rat Attacks As She Relentlessly Pursues The Hungry Predator

The momma rat is angry and fearless as she takes on the king cobra, defending her young and pushing the snake to drop the tiny rat baby. The rat jumps on the snake’s tail, taking every opportunity available to deliver a painful bite as she relentlessly pursues the hungry predator.

The reptile, however, wasn’t going to slither away quietly without putting up a fight for its food. However, after sticking around for a bit, and standing up to the angry momma, the snake is ready to retreat. But, at first, the reptile attempted this retreat while still holding the tiny rodent in its jaws. Momma wasn’t going to let this happen, though. She continues to pursue the serpent, jumping and biting until it finally lets go of her baby, dropping it onto the ground.

The snake takes off into the grass as the baby lies still on the ground. Mom runs into the grassy area after the king cobra, making sure this danger was moving far from the area. Eventually, the momma emerges from the grass just as her baby begins to move as it lays on the road. Momma scoops up her young, who is now safe in her care. Moving on, declaring a major victory over the dangerous serpent.