WATCH: Fearless Mama Squirrel Faces Cobra Head-on to Protect Her Babies

by Shelby Scott

You know what they say about mama bears: never mess with their cubs. Well, the same could be said for mama squirrels after a new viral video captured one fearless female facing off with a cobra to protect her babies in a viral video. Check out the clip below.

The female rodent, specifically an African ground squirrel, spends long minutes taunting and tangoing with the cobra. Meanwhile, the bright yellow reptile consistently strikes out at the mama squirrel who, seemingly, evades the predator’s dangerous jaws.

While the video provides a good view of the squirrel/snake faceoff, we can’t exactly tell where the mama rodent is keeping her babies. The battle begins in the dusty and dead debris of an unspecified African landscape though it eventually relocates to some nearby brush.

Many of the clip’s viewers commended the mama squirrel on her valiant efforts to protect her offspring.

“The maternal instinct to protect and save the offspring is truly something most magnificent and powerful,” one viewer said. A second added, “The reaction time on that [squirrel] is insane. This is true courage.”

However, courageous squirrels don’t only populate Africa. Back in the states, footage from Disney+’s America the Beautiful shows a brave gray squirrel working hard to defend its collection of food stores from a hungry black bear. Using warning signals and natural defense tactics, the little rodent is undeterred by the much larger animal’s thievery and overall presence.

Troublesome Squirrel Kills Power for Thousands of Minnesotans

Over the weekend, residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota were highly inconvenienced when a single squirrel caused a power outage for more than 9,000 people. Fortunately, the outage didn’t last long and the local energy company, Xcel, managed to restore power to most of the affected Minnesotans within an hour.

Speaking about the outage, the company’s spokesperson, Lacey Nygard, said, “What happened is that a squirrel came in contact with some of our equipment that caused the outage. Sadly, the outlet was unable to report what happened to the squirrel after the incident.

More than likely, Fox News reports the little rodent shocked himself—or herself—resulting in a tragic end. Per statistics from the American Public Power Association, animal encounters like these are the leading cause of power outages across the United States. Outages as a result of animal interference are most common in areas where transmission lines run through trees, often causing them to become overheated. Combine that with a traveling squirrel on the line and it’s enough to cause power outages for a significant amount of people.

Earlier this month, residents in Virginia Beach experienced a similar problem, with another troublesome squirrel causing power outages for 10,000 locals. Like the more recent incident in Minnesota, however, the outage was short, lasting just about 90 minutes.