WATCH: Fearless Toddler Playfully Wrestles with Gigantic Python in Wild Clip

by Emily Morgan

A bystander recently captured a bold toddler getting close to a python in a video that has since gone viral. In the clip, viewers see the youngster entangled with the serpent. Then, surprisingly, the snake is seen slithering away as the child runs after it, looking to play some more.

The Instagram video was uploaded to the platform on August 21 and has since raked in thousands of views.

In the comment section, many users were shocked and stunned at the child’s fearlessness with the creature. One wrote, “well. if he’s eaten..there is no way to get him back,” and someone else added, “As an owner of big snakes I just get uncomfortable watching a person so small with a snake so big.”

Another user chimed in about feeling bad for the snake: “I feel sorry for the snake. It clearly wants to get away from the kid.” And another user simply wrote, “That’s a good snake. It knows what not to eat.”

Novice hunters unexpectedly come across 18-foot Burmese Python

Recently, three Florida hunters watched in awe as a 100-pound Burmese python slithered across a Florida highway. The three amateur hunters in Collier County, Florida, caught the giant creature. According to reports, the snake may be one of the biggest in the state.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in the sunshine state. They were first introduced to the environment in the 1970s— likely as exotic pets. In the years since, they have been wreaking havoc on the ecosystem as they feast on native wildlife, such as white-tailed deer.

According to snake experts, this species can average between 10 to 16 feet. However, some can grow much larger. In addition, these snakes also reproduce rapidly, and the python population in Florida has grown astronomically in recent years. For this reason, Florida officials have legalized python hunting.

Previously, Jake Waleri, Joshua Laquis, and Stephen Gauta had been hunting for Burmese pythons when they came across the snake. They had been driving along the US-41 near Monroe Station when they saw it on the road.

“I look up, and I see something blocking the entire road. It takes me a second and I just see a head move, and I just start screaming,” Waleri said. According to Waleri, he and his friend never expected to find a snake so giant.

“We were sweating and fighting this thing for a good five to 10 minutes,” Gauta said about capturing the serpent. Once they wrangled the snake, they measured it and discovered it was 17 feet 10 inches long.

However, the snake was not a record breaker but was very close. In June, a team of python locators from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida caught the python that holds the record, which measured 18 feet.