WATCH: Ferocious Bears Engage in Brutal Battle While Wolves Watch From Sidelines

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Alexander Vlasov / 500px) 0

There are times in life when stepping in to break up a fight serves everyone well. However, there are certainly moments when it’s best to let everything play out. One of these moments was caught on video recently when a cameraman captured two massive bears throwing down and not pulling too many punches! All while wolves keep an eye on the battle from afar.

In a recent Twitter post, Outsider shared a video depicting two massive bears brawling in an intense battle. The cameraman filming the epic event even caught some other audience members standing on the other side of the brawl, some massive grey wolves who were keeping tabs on the dueling bears.

“Praise the cameraperson for remaining calm and collected while two Mack trucks of animals duke it out in front of them,” notes the Outsider Twitter post.

Thankfully, it appears the bears were either engaging in some very rough play, or they came to an agreement mid-battle. As the wild clip comes to an end, both of the massive bears seem to be fine with taking a break from the battle. Initially, the two massive brown bears have each other in massive grips, both holding on and trying to tackle each other to the ground.

There’s An Audience Peaking Out of The Treeline As These Massive Grizzlies Duke It Out

Soon, one of the bears gets a bit of an upper hand, appearing to hold its opponent down. Eventually, this bear tries to get out of the grip, but the other one isn’t about to let that happen. A few quick left-right jabs land on the bear’s face. But this fierceness doesn’t last long. Eventually, both bears look very tired and ready to move on.

But, this timeout comes after a few new sets of eyes step out of the wooded area to keep an eye on this massive battle. As the camera follows the two battling bears as they duke it out, we notice a couple of grey wolves hanging out along the treeline in the background. It’s hard to tell how long the wolves were watching the dueling animals as they fought, but one of the wolves is clearly there to see a fight as it stands further in the clearing, eyes locked on the battling bears.