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WATCH: Ferocious Honey Badger Takes on Three Leopards, Walks Away Victorious

by Craig Garrett
Honey badger in Kruger National park, South Africa - stock photo

Another day, another wild viral video of a rampaging honey badger mercilessly owning an animal over twice its size. The detail that sets this footage apart is that the famous tough mammal is taking on three leopards at once. The Instagram account “Nature is Metal” posted the clip just hours ago as of this writing. It has already amassed nearly 100,000 likes and dozens of comments from fans of the brutally honest nature account.

The clip shows the honey badger defending itself against an adult leopard and her two near-adult offspring. However, the tables turn quickly, as the ultra-aggressive badger goes on the attack. The fierce fighter has multiple chances to escape the leopards who are clearly growing timider as the fight progresses. However, the solitary pugilist decides instead to give each feline a taste of pain, constantly re-engaging the great cats. Eventually, the honey badger strolls away, seemingly not in much of a hurry as the defeated leopards look on.

As always, “Nature is Metal” offers expertly delivered commentary on the nature footage they post. “Those who are well versed in the ways of the Mellivora will be none surprised to see the scrappy badger walk away from this intense quarrel like he had just filled his fight quota for the day,” they write. “Honey badgers are almost supernaturally capable of deterring predators larger than they. There seems to be absolutely nothing on Gaia’s green earth that scares them, plus they can take an absolute shellacking and keep coming back for more.”

‘That honey badger woke up and chose violence’

“Nature is Metal” points out that the formidable creatures are a great threat, despite their size and being solitary. “Before we jump to conclusions and make any broad statements about the capabilities of leopards, keep in mind that there is also video evidence of honey badgers displacing entire prides of lions and clans of hyenas.”

Maybe one of the reasons so many clips like this exist is because bigger predators just can’t help but underestimate the tenacious beast. “Everything that comes into contact with a honey badger might not know it at the time, but they are about to embark on the gargantuan task of ending a being that simply will never go down quietly or without a fight.”

Of course, Instagram users had to weigh in on the incredible footage. Popular influencer and Neuroscience Professor, Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. had the top comment. He was clearly impressed with the daring honey badger. “The mustelid clade (ferrets, badgers, fisher cats, etc.) are among the smartest and fearless of the carnivores. They definitely have earned a seat at the table!”, the good professor wrote. Another user put it more bluntly, saying, “That honey badger woke up and chose violence.”

Finally, another Instagram follower had a scary thought. “I swear if Honey Badgers decide to form packs, it’s game over for some animals.” After watching the footage, it feels like those “other animals” could include humans!