WATCH: Fighter Jet Pilots Recreate ‘Top Gun’s Iconic ‘Inverted’ Stunt With Polaroid Camera

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Erica Price/Getty Images)

Sometimes reality can be just as cool – or even cooler – than what we see on the silver screen. And this is exactly what we saw when some real-life fighter jet pilots go full Goose and Maverick, recreating one of the most iconic scenes in the hit movie starring Tom Cruise, Top Gun. In fact, it’s a movie scene that, to many, is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in all of film history.

A recently released video shares the moment a group of jet pilots recreate the famous Top Gun inverted stunt. You know the one, it’s the moment Goose and Tom Cruise’s Maverick pulled off in the film going upside down over a Russian Mig. These jet pilots even got a pretty cool picture of the stunt as well!

Advertising Photographer Goes Into Myth-Busting Business … Top Gun Style

In the wild clip, we hear from an advertising photographer named Blair Bunting as he recalls watching that famous stunt from the popular film. The moment Goose grabbed a polaroid camera to get a snapshot of the Russian pilot stood out to Bunting and his team. They began to wonder: how would that pic have actually turned out?

According to the photographer, they decided there was only one way to find this out – by actually recreating the famous film moment.

“We got a jet team,” Bunting recalls. “And somehow talked ’em into it.”

The clip continues to show the jets as they fly over the California landscape and desert dunes. Prepping for the big moment. Soon the pilots are performing tricks, moving into inverted formations. Even spinning around and twirling between the skyline and the ground.

So, How Did The Picture Turn Out?

The pilots in the fighter jets continue to show off some of their very impressive moves as they soar all over the sky. We are already impressed with the awesome showmanship the jets and the pilots are showing.

However, they are in the air for one specific reason, to get that perfect Top Gun snapshot. We see Blair Bunting in the jet getting his camera ready for the long-awaited shot as the pilots prepare themselves in executing the stunt.

The stunt goes off without a hitch as Bunting snaps the photo of the other jet as he and the pilot hover above, upside down. Bunting announces over the mic that he “got the shot.”

Then, the clip gives us a glimpse of the long-awaited end product. And, there’s no doubt that the experiment worked. The end result clearly gives us an answer to how good of a picture one could get in this scenario. The answer is that a photographer could score an awesome snapshot. The last few seconds of the clip show the impressive picture from up above the other fighter jet. Looking down at the pilot into the cockpit, giving us a glimpse of a very rarely seen perspective.