WATCH: Fireball Streaks Across Texas Skies

by Lauren Boisvert

On Sunday night, a fireball lit up Texas skies, and some residents managed to capture the event on camera. It was reported Monday morning by KTRK out of Houston, and meteorologist Kevin Roth explained the natural phenomenon.

“What we can say officially is it’s a fireball, and when you see it flare up like that, that is what is considered a fireball,” said Roth. “It is a meteor if it never hit the ground. If it hits the ground, it is a meteorite. We don’t know if it hit the ground or not so we don’t know if it’s a meteor or meteorite. Either way, we can say it’s definitely a fireball.”

In a video from Texas resident Armando Pena Jr., the fireball came in hot and flared brightly, lighting up the sky. The video is only 9 seconds long, and as Roth said, we don’t know if it hit the ground. But, it’s still a fantastic sight.

KTRK anchor Marya Moreno saw the fireball over Houston as well and expressed her shock and bewilderment on Twitter. She asked other Texas Twitter users if they saw it, writing, “Holy cow at 10:22 or so saw the most amazing shooting star or #meteorite …. I’m still in shock … never seen anything like it.” She described it as red-orange in color, and residents from all over commented that they saw it as well.

Most residents saw it over Houston, but some say they saw the fireball in Katy, New Braunfels, and Carrollton. Moreno shared that she saw it right over the Houston skyline, and I can only imagine that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

More Fireballs Seen All Over the United States Earlier This Year

In early January, residents saw a fireball streaking over North Liberty, Iowa. The North Liberty City Government posted a 39-second clip that a city employee captured while on his way home from work. “Ryan from our Streets Department noticed a meteor in the sky south of the shop on his way home from plowing the other night, and we got it on camera,” the city wrote on Twitter.

Then, a few weeks later in Bettendorf, Iowa, a man saw another fireball while he was taking out the trash. 108 reports came in about this fireball just in Iowa. But, residents saw it across six other states. Last September, yet another fireball was reported over North Carolina, and it was seen in Maryland, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Fireballs are essentially junk that falls from the sky. It’s another word for a “bright meteor,” and they get that bright because of the debris surrounding them as they plummet to Earth. They light up the night sky, but there’s really no way to predict them. They’re so fast, that it’s hard to get good footage, except with doorbell and security cameras. So, keep looking to the stars; maybe you’ll see one of these bright meteors someday.