WATCH: Fisher Runs Down Snowshoe Hare in Epic Chase

by Joe Rutland

If you have not seen a fisher chase down a snowshoe hare in a battle for supremacy in nature, then let’s give you a look. Right here, you can see this land animal get the upper hand. He chases down the hare through the snowfall. Ultimately, the fisher drags away the hare. It’s quite a chase that takes place here in the snow. You can see the driver actually using his phone camera to capture the action. This video is captioned, “Fisher runs down a snowshoe hare in Saskatchewan.” So, it happens to take place in Canada.

“Despite their name, these small carnivorous land otters rarely eat fish,” according to the caption. “While they are omnivorous, the snowshoe hare is their dining option of choice, their “before anyone else” of menu selections. Fishers are also known as one of the only wild animals to successfully prey upon porcupines without catching a mouthful of quills.

Showshoe Hare Will Shed His Coat For Different Seasons

“Their secret? Fishers are roughly the same height as the North American porcupine. While other predators must attack from the top down and face the brunt of their natural fortifications, fishers can attack the porcupines face first – one of the only spots on the porcupine without quills. #natureismetal #keepnaturemetal”. That’s quite a chase taking place between these two animals. Still, it appears that the showshoe hare happened to get the short end of that battle.

But what is so unique about this animal? The National Park Service indicates that this animal happens to live in wheat are called the boreal forests of North America. Snowshoe hares happen to have large hind feet lined with stiff hairs that form a snowshoe. This helps support their weight on the snow’s surface and it leads to their very interesting name. In watching the video, then you could see it was all white in color. It happens to be something in relation to the seasons changing. For the summer, it will be in brown hair. Yet when winter rolls around, it’s almost a pure white coloring of its coat. Where do they live? When it comes to some park areas in Alaska, they are known to live in forests and even shrubby habitats.

OK, so we have covered some basics about the snowshoe hare. Let’s turn our attention for a little bit to the interesting animal known as the fisher. We get information about this one from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The fisher happens to be a cat-like weasel and is medium-sized compared to a marten and a mink. The animal has a tail that is simply one-third of its entire body length. Additionally, their claws are sharp, curved, and semi-retractable.