WATCH: Fisherman Reels in ‘Wolffish,’ And It’s a Bloodthirsty Sea Monster

by Caitlin Berard

The Atlantic wolffish goes by many names, “sea wolf” and “devil fish” being two of the most accurately terrifying. Like wolves, wolf fish are carnivores. Unlike wolves, however, wolffish are devoid of really any endearing characteristics.

Wolves are relatives of man’s best friend, after all. And while they can be dangerous, they’re also beautiful. It’s typically ill-advised to cuddle a wolf, but with their fluffy fur and dog-like appearance, the temptation is certainly there.

Wolffish, on the other hand, are…unattractive, to put it lightly. They’re massive fish and such an odd shade of grey they have an almost zombie-like appearance.

Oh, and they’re called wolffish because they have wolf teeth. Yep, their unsettlingly wide jaws are filled with bone-crushing, razor-sharp, canine-like teeth. Not to mention the serrated teeth scattered down the lining of their throats. Basically, wolffish are sea monsters.

So even when highly experienced lobster fisherman Jacob Knowles stumbled across one off the coast of Maine, he couldn’t help but squeak out an “I’m scared!” – and can we blame him? Just look at this thing.

Lobster Fisherman Shows Off Another Accidental Wolffish Catch

With the wolffish thrashing in his gloved hands, fisherman Jacob Knowles explained that the terrifying fish end up in his lobster traps because lobster is its main source of food. As wolffish are a protected species, it’s vital that they be thrown back into the ocean as soon as they’re caught.

As Knowles demonstrates, however, it’s easier said than done. Getting them out of the trap is no easy task, especially if you plan to do so without losing a finger. “So, the last video I posted of this thing, everybody said, ‘Oh, they’re friendly! They’re nice!'” Knowles said. “Yeah, well, you’ve never tried to get one out of a trap!”

The fisherman’s near-successful lobster catch was rendered absolutely useless, as the wolffish ate all the other creatures trapped with him. And it wasn’t the first time he’s encountered the goblin of the sea. Earlier this year, Knowles posted another video of an accidental wolffish catch, again freeing it as soon as it was caught.

Before he threw it back to the water, however, he gave us a brief overview of the blood-thirsty terror. “We caught one of the coolest, gnarliest, meanest looking fish in the ocean,” Knowles explained, looking at the wolffish in his lobster trap.

“They’re called the wolffish because they are vicious and they can bite,” he said, struggling to remove the fish from the trap. “Gnarly fish. They can bite like crazy – big teeth. These things have a super vicious bite. They eat clams, scallops… And they crack their shells open with their teeth.”