WATCH: Fisherman Shows Off Pure Bravery Getting in the Water to Release 8-Foot Bull Shark

by Chris Haney

Earlier this year, two fishermen in Sydney, Australia caught and released a huge bull shark as they helped it back into the ocean at their own peril. In February, footage started to go viral of their encounter off Sydney Harbour, and now the wild video is making the rounds once again.

Originally posted to TikTok, the clip shows Hassan Alameri and his friend after they’ve reeled in an 8-foot bull shark. As the huge fish lies in the shallow water, the two men help it out as they release their catch. The shark struggles to turn around and make its way back into the depths of the ocean. Yet Alameri and his friend grab ahold of its tail and pull it back into deeper waters.

The bull shark wrestles with its captors at first by the shore as it twists and turns attempting to get away from the anglers. During one brave moment, one of the men even lift its jaw to check out the shark’s razor-sharp teeth. Eventually, the guys got the shark back into water that was around two-feet deep. That’s when we finally see the shark fully turned around and heading back into the ocean. The crazy scenes even come with a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Fisherman Says the Bull Shark Put up ‘Quite the Fight’

Alameri spoke with The Daily Telegraph after the video went viral online. The 23-year-old said they used eel strips while fishing at Birchgrove Ferry wharf. In fact, he has some experience with the large fish since this wasn’t his first bull shark catch. Alameri has caught over ten bull sharks in Sydney, sharing that this particular one was probably the third largest of the bunch.

“It’s such an adrenaline rush seeing such a big creature come out,” Alameri explained to the outlet. “It’s quite the fight too, I wasn’t quite ready for it.”

The young man considers himself to be a recreational fisherman. Therefore he says he typically catches and releases anything he reels in.

“You can see in the video that the shark is always in the water. It always has water running over its gills, it was on the bank for a maximum two to three minutes. It’s important not to play around with these animals,” he said.

The fisherman and his friend were brave indeed to handle the bull shark the way they did. Especially since that species of shark is well-known for being aggressive. Bull sharks will eat almost anything they come across, including fish, dolphins, and even other sharks.

According to National Geographic, the sharks frequently attack people “inadvertently or out of curiosity.” There have been numerous cases of bull shark bites, so the two men were lucky to come away from their encounter unscathed.