WATCH: Fishing Segment on Morning Show Goes Epically Wrong

by Jon D. B.

Nothing can prepare you for the way this fishing segment ends. This is one you’ll have to laugh through to believe.

When an Australian “shark expert” is asked to catch a shark on live television, you don’t expect him to actually reel one in on the spot. But you do at least expect him to pull in a fish, right?

This was filmed in Australia, after all: the place where spiders eat dogs and people are just casually used to sharing waterways with crocodiles and sharks. At the same time. So surely this man is capable of… something.

Again, you’ve got to give this one a go for yourself. On the hysterical Australian talk show Today, “shark expert” Paul Burt is in it to win it. Starting the interview off with a sexual innuendo, Burt is also holding what looks like the clearance fishing rig from Wal-Mart. A local lake has been reporting shark sightings, so Burt and his trusty master-rod are ready to bring in the culprit with a round of good ol’ fashioned fishing.

“Is it really a shark?” Burt asks before he begins. “I don’t think so. Look, there’s a slight possibility it could be,” the clear expert states. “But we gotta take these claims seriously because people do use this lake on a daily basis.”

Burt then proves he does at least know a bit about sharks, citing the presence of bull sharks just up the river.

From here, hysterical Today host Karl Stefanovic gives Paul Burt his “one chance and one chance only to catch a shark.”

Live Fishing Segment Goes Horribly Wrong (It Really Does)

Spoiler alert: he does not catch a shark. But he does… we can’t spoil this for you. Watch for yourself:

Things didn’t exactly go to plan when Karl spoke to shark expert Paul Burt. Wake up with TODAY Weekdays from 5.30AM / Weekends from 7.00am on Channel Nine.


“The whole thing was bull shark…” Stefanovic quips to bring the whole nightmare to an end.

“Are you pleased with that?” host Lisa Wilkinson laughs.

“What a segment!” Sefanofic replies. “See, they don’t make that stuff in primetime.”

“They don’t write that stuff for a good reason…” Wilkinson fires back.

Priceless. And as “shark expert” Paul Burt tells us – no ducks were harmed, and the little fellow flew-off a-ok. We think.

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