WATCH: Florida Alligator Hunts Down Opossum in Total Darkness at Shocking Speed

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by tswinner via Getty Images)

Wildlife photographer Bobby Wummer has a wealth of experience capturing the alligators, deer, fish, and other wild animals of Florida on camera. Through many years of trial and error, he’s found the best ways to showcase the breathtaking beauty of the Sunshine State. And though that oftentimes involves venturing to the swamps and forests himself, camera in hand, he’s also perfected the art of the trail camera.

By using trail cameras, Wummer explained that he can capture wildlife at all hours without enduring the elements. “You just can’t stay out there all day in the summertime, or you’ll roast,” he told Outdoor Life. “And at night the mosquitoes will eat you alive.”

“As a photographer, it’s just really cool to add [trail cams] to your repertoire,” he continued. “Most of your videos won’t have anything in them, but every now and then you get to see the animals in their own habitat doing wild stuff.”

In one such wild video, Wummer managed to catch an alligator hunting an opossum with unbelievable speed. To make the hunt even more impressive, the alligator spotted, caught, and ate the opossum in complete darkness.

“My trail camera activated just a few seconds too late but still caught this incredible action of this Florida alligator grabbing the opossum and taking it into the swamp to eat,” Wummer wrote in the caption.

A Photographer’s Passion for Alligators and Florida Wildlife

A Florida resident since childhood, Bobby Wummer has spent a lifetime mapping out the very best spots for wildlife photography. And though population growth and development has decreased the number and size of these spaces, Wummer explained that there are still plenty of places to catch Florida wildlife such as alligators in their natural habitat.

According to Wummer, the two best places for wildlife photography are Ocala National Forest and the Everglades, though a trip to the latter locale isn’t always fruitful due to the overabundance of Burmese pythons.

“I’m telling you, I had cameras down there for over a year,” Wummer said. “And you just don’t see the amount of mammals that you should. I talk to locals and they say that since the pythons showed up, they don’t see any deer.”

Despite the inherent difficulties and frustrations of wildlife photographer, Bobby Wummer remains dedicated to capturing the best the wilds of Florida have to offer.

“The trail cameras definitely help me out,” Wummer explained. “And I get to actually capture videos that I never would have gotten otherwise. You’re not disturbing these animals when you do it, that’s the greatest part. I’ve gotten videos of bobcats crying for their mates, gators bellowing, panthers talking… I even got a Florida mink in the swamp, and very rarely do you ever see those.”

“Gators are just fun to watch, and I can spend days out there watching ‘em. I don’t do it from an eye-to-eye point of view. I have a friend that snorkels with ‘em, but I’m not going that far.”