WATCH: Florida Construction Workers Find Massive 3-Legged Alligator Hiding in One of the Rooms

by Chris Haney

Once again, Florida continues to provide us with crazy encounters with wild animals as construction workers found a three-legged alligator hiding in a room of a new home. A TikToker captured two videos that have gone viral of wranglers attempting to remove the gator from the new construction site. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy work wrangling in the huge reptile.

In the viral clips, viewers can see a man approach the gator who’s backed into a corner of a room. The wrangler uses a snare pole as he puts the loop around the animal’s head and pulls it tight. As he tries to drag the beast out of the house, it puts up a fight. The alligator starts to flail back and forth with its jaws wide open and ready to strike. It swings its powerful tail around and eventually goes into a death roll several times.

The massive gator may be missing a leg, but it’s giving the wrangler more than a little trouble. While the wrangler struggles, a construction worker amusingly looks on from a window as he breaks out his phone and records the ongoing action.

For the first clip, the TikToker added a funny caption over the video. It reads, “What new construction in Florida looks like Part 1.”

@brookefl1008 #florida #alligator alligator was not harmed @allnativefl ♬ Danger Zone (From “Top Gun” Original Soundtrack) – Kenny Loggins

However, the wrangler needed reinforcements to deal with the angry three-legged alligator. In a second video, the same TikToker shows further attempts at removing the animal. A second individual uses another snare pole to help control the beast. Yet the gator continues the fight as it rolls over repeatedly and chomps down on one of the poles. Viewers never see the wranglers actually remove the animal from the premises.

Since it was posted on Saturday, the first video has garnered over 3.1 million views on TikTok. Additionally, the second video raked in more than 112,000 views. While we didn’t see the end result, the creator of the clips shared that they relocated the alligator to a local facility.

Alligator Bites Florida Firefighter on the Face and Neck in Near-Fatal Attack

In other recent news out of Florida involving alligators, a Florida firefighter almost died after encountering the animal. While swimming in a lake, 34-year-old Juan Carlos La Verde suffered serious injuries to his head and face. Yet he was able to get away from the gator’s attack and swim to shore where he called for help.

Paramedics rushed to the scene where they treated La Verde’s wounds and transported him to Tampa General Hospital. Doctors performed surgery, which took six hours, to repair the wounds to his skull and jaw.

The man’s friend, Kenny Ceron, started a GoFundMe campaign for La Verde following the incident. Ceron has provided information about the alligator attack and shared updates through the page. On Tuesday, Ceron announced that his friend is healing, but also admitted La Verde has a long road to recovery.

“He is able to talk and communicate now through his trach and is breathing on his own,” Ceron wrote. “He is still having some pain which is expected.”

Further, Ceron shared that his friend’s mouth is “wired shut” for at least a couple of weeks. He also added that doctors have scheduled another surgery in the near future to replace a plate in La Verde’s head.