WATCH: Florida Firefighters Unload Firetruck Submerged in Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

by Amy Myers
Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

As millions of residents lose power and thousands more continue evacuating from Hurricane Ian, firefighters and first responders elect to stay back in order to ensure the safety of those who could not move to a safer location. Among the crews is the team at Naples Fire Station, who despite floodwaters reaching their navels, continued to unload their half-submerged truck in order to save their supplies for someone in need.

Now, that’s a true Outsider.

The footage of the brave team of firefighters came to light on Facebook Live. The crucial moment during Hurricane Ian demonstrated just how much dedication these men and women have to the safety and well-being of others. Together, the folks of Naples Fire Station trudged through the muddy waters to collect medical and emergency supplies from two trucks.

Watch below.

In the comments of the post, amid the praise for this team’s bravery and commitment, there were some questions regarding the location of the trucks. With Naples in the heart of the destruction, viewers wondered why the team didn’t drive the vehicles inland prior to Hurricane Ian’s landfall, rather than risk the engine and the supplies inside the trucks.

However, according to Fire Engineering, the Naples station was experiencing “a significant number of calls of people trapped by water in their homes” and so the team needed their vehicles on site to be able to respond as quickly as possible. The sheriff’s department stated that its first responders would prioritize victims “reporting life threatening medical emergencies in deep water.”

Naples Firefighter Shows Deeper Look Into Fire Station’s Struggle Amid Hurricane Ian

In addition to the short clip, another Naples Fire Station member showed a much deeper look into the team’s efforts to save their supplies in the race against Hurricane Ian.

According to the fire and rescue team member, the crew wasn’t sure if the storm surge was happening. Once the waters began to rise, the fire chief elected to push one of the vehicles out of the bay because it seemed the truck was “going to catch on fire.” Apparently, the truck had begun smoking. So instead of losing the station along with the truck, they left the vehicle to the raw elements of Hurricane Ian. But there’s no need to panic – the Naples Fire Station has fire boats at the city dock as well and can still get to victims in need.

Watch the full clip below.

Towards the end of the video, our narrator gives a sweeping view of just how many faces make up the team at Naples Fire Station. One of those faces admitted that he could “really go for some Chik-fil-A.” Unless they stocked up on take-out, though, it might be a while before he can get a spicy chicken sandwich.