WATCH: Florida Man Goes Full Alpha Male on Bear Chasing Family Dog

by Lauren Boisvert

If there’s one thing we’ve learned here, it’s don’t mess with Florida Man. This recent video of a man scaring a black bear away from his dog just proves it. The video, taken at a home in Navarre Beach, Florida, first shows a woman trying to call the dog inside. But, a black bear charges after the dog instead, chasing it around the side of the house. Then, the man comes outside, making himself look big, and unleashes a primal roar that scares the animal right off.

Props to Florida Man for totally protecting his family and dog with that shout. Essentially, that’s one way to scare off a black bear. These are notably already the most skittish of all bear species and are easily deterred by loud noise. So, while things could have taken a turn for the worse if this was a grizzly, it definitely worked on a black bear. Still, always practice bear safety like keeping windows, doors, and garages closed and locked when not at home. That way, the animals don’t get into your house and subsequently into your food. Additionally, it’s best to keep garbage cans secured and all dogs supervised or on a leash.

This is mostly for residents in bear-populated areas, which, oddly enough, is Navarre Beach, FL. There have been a string of sightings in the area lately, and residents are getting concerned. One resident actually saw two bears playing and swimming along the shoreline in Navarre. It sounds cute, but if these animals become a nuisance and start breaking into homes or attacking people, they’ll most likely be euthanized. How many bears can we spare? And do we want to find out the answer?

Woman Narrowly Avoids Encounter With Black Bear at Night

In other bear news, this time out of Naples, FL, a woman narrowly missed coming face-to-face with a black bear while out walking her dog at night. The encounter was caught on a Ring security camera, and the footage is anxiety-inducing.

The woman in the video looks like she’s heading back home after walking her dog when she spots something in the distance. She hurries back inside, and initially, it’s unclear what she saw. But, a few seconds later, a black bear comes ambling out of the darkness. It sniffs around where the woman was walking, possibly smelling the dog, and then continues on its way down the sidewalk.

Talk about a close encounter of the bear kind. Well, almost. This was definitely a close call, and while this woman was lucky she didn’t have to worry about having to protect herself, some others aren’t so lucky. Like this trail runner in Washington State who came face-to-face with a bear and was left injured. The runner was hospitalized and released the same day, while the bear was “lethally removed,” according to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.