WATCH: Four Bears Break Into Pennsylvania Home, Clean Out the Fridge

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Four hungry bears were caught on camera recently as they ransacked a Pennsylvania home, clearing out the fridge almost completely. The group was led by a momma bear as her three cubs followed close behind. Initially, the rambunctious four had a hard time opening the front door to the lake home. However, as the jaw-dropping footage shows, the wild animals were able to soon find their way into the house.

A Ring Camera Catches Four Bears In The Act As They Ransack A Pennsylvania Home

According to John Costanzo, he got a notification from his Ring camera one day while he was at work in New York City. Wondering what the notification was about…and worried about burglars, Costanza logged into the app to see what was going on.

He had no idea the scene he was about to see, though. As John Costanzo soon learned, his Pennsylvania Pocono Lake home was being broken into. However, the culprits were some that Costanza never would have imagined.

“They climbed through the window,” Costanzo recalls of the shocking footage.

The lake house owner continues to note that the bears were able to push “through the screen” and enter the home.

“The three little bear cubs followed the mom in,” Costanzo explains.

“They went into my kitchen,” he adds. “Found my refrigerator and ate all of the food in the fridge.” And then the real mess began.

The Extent Of The Damage Wasn’t Clear Until The Home Owners Stepped Inside The Lake House

According to the lake house owners, the Ring doorbell kept an eye on what was happening on the outside of the premises. However, no cameras were monitoring the inside. Because of this, Jeff Costanzo had no idea what happened after he caught sight of the bears breaking in on his outdoor camera.

Thankfully, however, the footage was enough for Costanzo to know it was time for him to call security. The bandits were quickly shooed away by security as soon as the officers arrived.

“If I didn’t have the Ring camera, I would have thought it was a burglar breaking into the house,” Costanzo says of the unusual incident.

“But luckily, the Ring camera showed me exactly what happened,” he adds.

Then, even though they had already ransacked the fridge, the bears returned the very next day. This time they tried to climb through a window. But Costanzo had securely locked up the home this time. Eventually, a game warden was able to capture the momma and her three cubs.