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WATCH: Four Mountain Lions Spotted Together in Rare Trail Cam Video

by Megan Molseed

A wild trail cam video shows some rare footage of four mountain lions hanging out together in California. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this is the first time officials heard of the group being spotted in quite some time.

The Mountain Lions Were Spotted on the Trail Cam Following Large Deer

The trail cam video captures the four lions walking in Soquel California. The group appears in the clip walking behind a large deer.

“I knew that we had wildlife mountain lions in this area,” notes Lars Pierce a resident of the Soquel area.

“But I’ve never seen one,” Pierce adds.

“The neighbors have seen it and we’ve lived here for 13 years,” Pierce continues. “So I thought maybe I can get one on the camera.”

The California man captured the footage over Thanksgiving and spotted the images later that night. Pierce relates that he has spotted these mountain lions over the last year. However, he’s never spotted more than one lion at a time.

This Activity Is Not Typical, According to Officials

According to California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials, mountain lion sightings are not typical in the area. Especially sightings that include a group of four of these wild animals. However, the officials add it’s not necessarily an unusual occurrence. The area is located along an area called an urban edge. This means the neighborhood is near the city, but out far enough to be within natural areas.

“This is the first time that we are hearing about mountain lions at least recently in Santa Cruz,” notes Ken Pagia. Pagia serves as a public information officer for The California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Biologists believe that the four mountain lions are likely a mother mountain lion and four cubs believed to be about one year old. This means the situation could get extra dicy as the mother is likely to fiercely protect her cubs if she perceives a threat.

“Don’t let your pets outside, unsupervised,” Pagia warns.

“Especially at dusk till dawn,” the California wildlife official adds. “And as far as like what we can do to keep safe you know, be mindful of your surroundings when you’re outside.”

It’s important to note that the department isn’t seeing a marked increase in mountain lion activity in California’s Santa Cruz area. However, there have been increased reports in other areas of the state.

“I think a little bit more and keep my eyes open a little bit more,” Pierce says in response to the unusual mountain lion sighting.