WATCH: Four Wolf Pups Run Past Trail Cam in Rare Video

by Megan Molseed

Something is exciting going on in the northern Minnesota wilderness as four adorable wolf pups are caught on camera searching for goodies at Voyagers National Forest. The trail cams caught the rambunctious wolf pups last month. However, it was late enough into the month that wildlife experts note the pups have likely survived into the autumn season. An exciting development for the Voyagers Wolf Project which is an organization that is “focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, Minnesota.”

“Just checked cameras!” exclaims a September 22 tweet from the Voyagers Wolf Project.

“Captured the first footage of the Half-Moon Pack pups this year!” the tweet adds, noting the adorable trail cam videos showing the wolf pups hard at work looking for snacks on the forest floor.

The Voyageurs Project Focuses on “Cutting-Edge” And “Rigorous” Wolf Research

According to the Voyagers Wolf Project, the organization’s “over-arching goal” consists of focusing on “rigorous” research focusing on cutting-edge technology. This, the website notes, leads to highly effective … and entertaining … educational opportunities.

“We had another video of 4 Half-Moon pups on August 20,” the message adds. “[Suggesting] these 4 pups made it to September.”

However, nature is rarely predictable the post notes, and “[time] will tell” whether or not these playful wolf pups make it through the winter.

“Pup survival in the Half-Moon Pack has been a curious case since the pack formed in 2020,” the Voyageur’s Wolf Project explains in a recent Facebook post.

“Over the past few years, most of the pack’s pups have survived until August. However, pup survival has plummeted after August with most of the pack’s pups dying before winter,” the post continues.

“For example, in 2020, all 4 Half-Moon pups survived through August but all 4 had died by winter. In 2021, 7 of the 8 pups survived until mid-August but by winter only 1 pup was still alive,” the Voyageur’s Project continues. “In other words, only 1 out of 12 of the pups produced by the pack have survived until adulthood so far.”

Voyageur’s Project Warns Visitors of Young Wolf Displaying “Strange” Behavior

Recently, the Voyageurs Wolf Project sent a warning out to visitors noting one young wolf pup that is exhibiting strange behavior. According to the project’s Facebook page, the animal has been showing people-friendly behaviors in front of park visitors. Creating a blur between the line that exists between human visitors and the wildlife within the northern Minnesota wildlife areas.

“Heads up,” the post begins.

“This young wolf has been observed [repeatedly] over the past few days along the roads near Ash River just south of Voyageurs National Park,” the message continues. “The wolf is displaying little-to-no fear of people, and some folks have tried to scare it off the road with little success.”