WATCH: Fox Puts Filthy Juke Moves on Enormous Golden Eagle to Avoid Getting Snatched Up

by Jonathan Howard

In the outdoors, it is a battle of instinct, skill, and sometimes a little bit of luck. This golden eagle was swiping at the air going after this fox. In a video straight out of a nature documentary, a red fox has to defend itself from one of the largest airborne predators in the United States. With sharp talons and keen eyesight, it isn’t often that these raptors miss.

A lot of times, we see the predator and prey scene play out differently than this. Usually, it’s a big predator like this golden eagle going after a much smaller and weaker animal. However, this was a little more of a fair fight. This fox has some agility and if this incident had gone a little differently, we might have seen the fox turn the tables with a bite.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself via Nature Is Metal on Instagram.

If you think that this is a big meal for a golden eagle, then you must not know how these birds operate. This fox might have been more than a worth challenger, but it is far from the largest thing that these raptors eat on a regular basis.

If the golden eagle can get a hold of smaller livestock, such as goats, sheep, pigs, and others – it will. Not only that, these eagles go after predators like coyotes. If they think they can take something down, they will.

Now, look. We’re glad that this fox got away. No one likes the violence in nature, it’s just a fact of life. This isn’t always the outcome when a golden eagle meets a fox, though.

Golden Eagle Flies Off With Fox

When you consider the strength and size of the golden eagles’ talons, then these things aren’t so wild after all. Still, seeing these predators put their strength on display is awe-inspiring. Something that you just don’t experience every day. With a wingspan of 7 feet or more at times, these beasts can weigh up to 30 pounds and reach diving speeds of 150 to 200 miles per hour… that’s power.

In the video that you can see here, the eagle sits on a foggy, misty cliffside. There isn’t really a specific location, but it looks like a very secluded area. Who knows what goes on in those mountains? What you see in the video is the aftermath of an encounter much like the one above. This time, the fox wasn’t quick enough.

The eagle picks up the fox with just one talon and flies off with it as though it is carrying a sack of groceries. Just all in a day’s work when you are surviving in the hard wilderness.