WATCH: Furious Turtle Throws Major Temper Tantrum, Headbutts Man’s Foot

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by R. Dias/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

In this hilarious viral video, this turtle who appears to be furious throws a major temper tantrum. They repeatedly strike at a man’s foot, ramming its shell into the man’s shoe and demanding to pass through.

The video starts with the man videoing down at his feet. Even though wearing a suit, he is outside in a garden. He’s encountered the cute creature there. However, the turtle doesn’t seem to happy that he’s encountered a human, and he does his best to mark his territory.

The reptile first tries to walk through the man’s feet, but when he discovers that’s impossible, he decides to get violent. He head butts the man’s shoes repeatedly, ramming his foot over and over again with his shell.

The video lasts a minute, and you’ll see that the box turtle won’t give up for the clip’s entirety. We don’t get to see who won the standoff, but I think it’s safe to say the turtle put up his best effort.

The hilarious encounter can be seen below.

“Some dude posted a vid of a turtle mad at him and i have to agree,” the caption of the video reads. “this is the maddest turtle of all-time.”

We’ve never seen a box turtle act quite this way, but in the next video, you’ll see why snapping turtles are known for their aggressive behavior.

Snapping Turtle Absolutely Shreds a Huge Snake in Brutal Video

Back in 2015, Kerry Wix was fishing at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. While fishing, he suddenly noticed a big northern water snake that appeared to be thrashing and headed toward a concrete spillway at the shore. However, Wix noted that despite thrashing, it couldn’t seem to move on its own. He soon discovered that a snapping turtle was the culprit.

 “I couldn’t tell what was going on, but you know me: I always have a camera handy,” Wix, a professional photographer, told Field & Stream after the incident. Wix placed a GoPro beneath the surface and revealed what was getting the snake.

This common snapping turtle held the snake’s tail in his clenched jaws. The predator’s sharp claws also began shredding chunks of skin off the snake’s flesh. Then, at one point, the snake popped up out of the water and breathes. Its fangs come out, and it looks directly at the camera seemingly. However, it couldn’t release itself from the turtle.

When the snake did briefly break loose from its predator, who was swallowing part of the snake’s flesh, it couldn’t even muster the strength to swim away. Eventually, the turtle grabbed its injured tail and chomped its jaws. The snapper kept eating and eventually scampered off near its enclave with the snake in its grip.

The video has racked up over 5 million views.