WATCH: Gem Hunters Uncover Massive Amethyst Crystal

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Two gem hunters pulled a lucky find recently, uncovering a massive amethyst crystal while searching for precious stones. In the video, the pair of gem hunters pull out two amethyst crystals. The first, while significantly smaller, is absolutely stunning. The smooth, purple surfaces of the stone shine through the clay and dirt as the videographer runs his finger over the rock. The second stone, however, is remarkable in size, large enough to require the gem hunter pictured in the viral video to pull it out with two hands.

“Oh my God, dude, look,” the gem hunter exclaimed. “That’s one of the biggest pulls ever.”

While he couldn’t tell whether the amethyst crystal had a “perfect tip,” it, apparently, had a “huge face.”

The gem hunters’ find ignited a debate within the comments, with some people claiming the stone to be fake. Others, however, argued that what we see in the clip above is how these stones are naturally formed.

“So he ‘found’ it already faceted and polished??” one commenter quipped. “Not believing this. Lol.”

Although there were plenty of other doubters, there were also just as many experts offering their wealth of knowledge on the growth of precious stones.

“People [are] not understanding that crystals are usually found with smooth surfaces,” a second Facebook user wrote. “That’s basically the nature of crystal growth on a molecular level.”

Another gem expert agreed, “totally right! crystals grow in line with their ‘crystal system’ on a molecular level” whether it’s “trigonal, tetragonal, cubic, etc. This part of my gemmology studies I found mind-blowing and completely fascinating.”

Scientists Uncover Dinosaur Eggs Filled with Crystals

Nature and science convene in some of the most unique ways which, in this writer’s opinion is what made the above discovery possible. However, paleontologists recently made an even more extraordinary discovery, uncovering fossilized dinosaur eggs completely filled with crystals. What makes the eggs even more unique? New reports state they’re the size of cannonballs.

According to the Journal of Paleontology, the fossilized eggs were found in the Qianshan Basin, Anhui Province. Two of them contained clusters of calcite crystals. Even more fascinating, the eggs in which the crystal clusters were located proved to belong to a new dinosaur species that had not previously been discovered. This conclusion is largely based on the size of the eggs.

The journal provided further context for the new dinosaur species. A statement read, “New oospecies Shixingoolithus qianshanensis represents the first discovery of oogenus Shixingoolithus from the Quiashan Basin. S. qianshanensis also provides new paleontological evidence for the identification, division and correlation of the Upper Cretaceous-Lower Paleocene strata in the Quianshan Basin, Anhui Province, East China.”