WATCH: Georgia Man Tries To Shoo Hand-Fed Buck With a Broom, Gets Gored

by Sean Griffin

This week, a Georgia man went toe-to-toe with a huge buck—and lost. Unfortunately for the man, he was gored by the young buck. He received stitches; however, he reportedly remains fine after the incident.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources posted a nine second video clip to its Facebook page of the deer charging a Newton County resident. Apparently, the buck had been hand-fed and raised by humans, which is against the law in Georgia.

The video shows an unidentified man standing on a back porch deck. He swipes a broom at the whitetail. Before the video begins, viewers can hear audio of the buck smashing into a grill. The resident attempted to “yell at the buck to frighten it off, but the buck paid the resident no attention and went back to ramming the grill.” The Georgia DNR reports that a second resident ran out with a broom to help shoo the buck off.

“Enter broom guy (let’s call him George),” the long-running DNR post continues. “George (who has NO knowledge that this deer has been illegally hand-raised) came out to help shoo the buck away, and brought a broom with him. THERE WAS NO INTENTION TO HARM THE DEER, AS IT WAS JUST A BROOM, NOT A BATTERING RAM. George first attempted to yell at the buck and wave the broom high in the air to scare the deer, but again the buck paid him no mind and continued using his sharp, hardened antlers on the resident’s grill.”

People React to Buck Goring a Man

The buck takes the broom as a sign of aggression. It charges the man, pushing him back toward the house. “George” stumbles and falls. Then, gores the man off-camera. The videographer appears to fall down, too, in their attempt to rescue the man. Eventually the buck leaves and “George” spent the next eight hours in the emergency room, where he received stitches in his forearm.

The DNR’s post has racked up almost five hundred comments. Most of the comments were negative and directed toward the man’s handling of the situation. However, one commenter came to his defense, claiming he knows the man.

“Ok, I know this gentleman,” he wrote. “He is an avid hunter and very good at it. He was trying to help a neighbor, and didn’t know this was a ‘tame deer’ scenario. His wife was videoing, and obviously once the deer attacked, her priority was not on the camera.”

“Don’t bring a broom to an antler fight,” one user cheekily wrote. That comment garnered over one hundred likes.

One veterinarian took to the comments to explain why domesticating deers wasn’t a good idea, ever. “As a vet, I try to explain that tame is not the same thing as domesticated. Hand raised wild animals may be tame but they have not been domesticated through several generations of selective breeding for compatibility with humans. A hand raised deer is not the same as a horse or dog.”