WATCH: Giant Alligator Violently Slams Another Gator in Wild Footage

by Sean Griffin

According to the Miami Herald, a huge alligator attacked another gator at Florida’s Silver Springs State Park on Thursday, August 4th around 3:30 p.m. Two videos of the incident emerged on social media.

The first video posted to YouTube by an account called Florida Swamp Barbie shows the giant gator with the other gator in its jaws. Then, the reptile shows off its incredible physical strength by slamming the gator against the shore.

In the Herald article, they speculate the larger alligator tried to smash the other gator against the rock to rip it into smaller, easier-to-eat pieces. Apparently, cannibalism remains a common occurrence in American alligators. A 1993 study conducted by the Louisiana State Agricultural Center found that larger, mature gators use this tactic against smaller gators.

Most people know that alligators frequently use the maneuver referred to as the “death roll.” However, these larger gators can do great damage by this body-slamming method, apparently.

A woman named Tammy Shaw posted a different angle of the same incident in a Facebook post. She was paddle-boarding when she captured the wild scene. “My [inflatable] paddleboard is 11 feet, and he was close to that [in size] if not longer. The gator he was eating would have been 5 to 7 feet,” Shaw told the Miami Herald. “The video cut short because I felt a little too close for comfort after he slammed [the small gator] down.”

Florida is home to an estimated 1.3 million alligators. The state’s three-and-a-half month-long alligator hunting season kicked off on Monday, August 15th. Hunters will be allowed to pursue gators 24 hours a day during the season for the first time in decades.

In Next Clip, Not an Alligator But a Crocodile Carries Antelope Head

In a viral video posted to Instagram, a crocodile is seen walking across a roadway with a decapitated antelope head in its mouth.

“Oh my God,” the people videoing the scene say as they behold the behemoth creature casually moseying along with the antelope head dangling from its grip. Another man on the safari trip starts laughing at the bizarre sight.

The video serves as a reminder of a crocodile’s prowess as a predator. Unfortunately for the antelope, it met its end in a violent way. You could assume the croc jumped into action while the antelope drank from a nearby body of water. However, there are plenty of ways the beast could’ve wound up with the antelope head. Yet, the crocodile ventures along and drags the antelope head with it.

Plenty of Instagram users commented on the post, voicing their takes and jokes on the incredible moment.

“Hey buddy, where ya head-ing?” one commenter joked with a cheesy pun.

“Don’t mind him, just grabbing a souvenir,” another wrote.

Alligators and crocodiles are from the same scientific order, but not the same family. That’s where their genetic split occurs.