WATCH: Giant Cannibal Alligator Scarfs Down Smaller Gator With Ease

by Jonathan Howard

It might not be in most animals’ nature to eat their own … but the outdoors is filled with violence. An alligator doesn’t care what it eats. Even if that happens to be a smaller gator. A meal is a meal when you’re in the brutal reality of nature. Just when you think you’re out for a nice day of paddleboarding, you see a prehistoric sight that no one expects to see.

When an 11-foot-long gator approaches a 6-foot-long gator – that’s when things can go south for the smaller reptile. The alligator showed off in front of the Florida paddleboarder as he was recorded. Tammy Shaw saw it all go down and was quick enough to get that phone out and get it all on camera.

Check out the video below for yourself. This is almost like a scene out of one of those SyFy originals that they title “Monster Gator Versus Super Shark.” Just terrifying and fascinating all at the same time.

“You know it seemed like he was just kind of showing it off. I took another video where he kinda like took it out of the water and smiled at me. I know they don’t smile but that’s what it looked like he was looking right at me with it in his mouth. Just very proud, he looked like,” Shaw said to FOX 35 in Orlando.

It feels like America is just obsessed with these dinosaurs that roam with us today. They are beasts of the past and are dead set on staying here for a very long time. An alligator has the ability to scare people to their core and also strike their imaginations.

A Florida firefighter had a run-in with a massive alligator just the other day.

Firefighter Survives Alligator Attack in Florida

Each day firefighters have to face things that many of us would never want to face. They run into fires and scenes that they don’t know a lot about. All in an effort to save others. But, what happens when a firefighter needs help? That’s what the situation was like when a 12-footer decided to get ahold of a man’s face.

It took six hours for doctors to repair the skull and jaw of the victim. The surgery was successful, and the firefighter is going to live. Even though he doesn’t think he should be here.

“If people want to see this any other way than a legit miracle it’s silly to think that. I shouldn’t be alive,” JC La Verde said.

While the man survived, he’ll have to wear a helmet for some time to protect his head. His skull will be vulnerable for a while as he recovers. How lucky he is.