WATCH: Giant Mako Shark Leaps Straight Into Fishing Boat While on the Line

by Sean Griffin

Here’s one way to catch a fish!

In this incredible clip (containing NSFW language), a huge Mako shark soars right into a deep sea fishing boat. The anglers in the boat quickly scurry out of the way and yell curse words as they are shocked by the surprise appearance from the shark.

The fishermen were reeling in the shark when it jumped out of the water, only to quickly recede into the water. The next time it emerged, it landed right in the middle of their boat.

“This mako went full air assault mode,” the caption’s post reads.

Hundreds of Instagram users took to the comment section to offer takes on the crazy scene. “Sharknado is real,” one user joked, referencing the disaster film that combines waterspouts and deadly sharks.

“That fish must have been so confused lol,” another user commented.

Another user remarked about the astounding look of the fish. “The color on that thing is amazing,” they wrote.

The shortfin Mako shark currently resides on the endangered species list. The Mako is known for leaping in the air when hooked, just as the shark in the video does here. They normally reside in the Gulf Stream or warmer offshore waters. The species often travels long distances to find mates. One Mako tagged in California was discovered by Japanese researchers months later after traveling over 1,795 miles.

Mako Shark Gets Bitten in Half By Bigger Shark

A huge Mako shark got bitten in half by what must be an even bigger shark in this unbelievable photo.

The gory image was posted on Instagram by account NatureIsMetal, which focuses on sharing nature encounters at their most brutal.

In the image, the Mako lays in the water with a line attached to its mouth, which suggests an even bigger shark was circling it during the encounter.

In the caption, the account writes: “My guess is this was the result of the mako veering too close to an ever-hungry great white shark.” They continue, writing, “although a tiger shark could have caused a similar degree of carnage.”

Either way, the image serves as a stark reminder of the sheer force of these beasts of the sea.

Users flocked to the comment section to remark on the insane picture. One user joked: “it’s just a scratch, he’ll be fine.”

One user remarked about the inevitability of the food chain. “There’s always a bigger fish.” Even though the massive Mako depicted holds a size advantage over most, it still loses some battles.

However, this next video proves equally as shocking, although this encounter occurs between a shark and a beachgoer.