WATCH: Girl Walks ‘Emotional Support’ Alligator Through Philadelphia Park on a Leash

by Sean Griffin

In this crazy video taken from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, a girl is seen walking her “emotional support” alligator through a fountain at a public park. The video depicts the reptile, controlled by a leash, cooling itself in a puddle in the city’s LOVE Park.

According to the video, the alligator had previously been adopted by the reptile enthusiast pictured in the video back in 2016.

One YouTube commenter shared their opinions on the domesticated reptile. “Keep it well fed and if it is used to humans in it’s surroundings…it will probably not go after someone,” they wrote. They continued, adding: “tho I wouldn’t take it to the dogpark lol.”

A Twitter user replied to a sharing of the video with a joke liked by fifteen users on the site. They wrote: “She should really be wearing crocs for that,” referencing the popular rubber shoe that pays homage to crocodiles.

While it seems the alligator and the owner were having a great time on the sunny day, it seems all bystanders maintained a safe distance. We can’t say we blame them, although the creature looked domesticated. It’s certainly something you don’t see every day, especially in an urban environment like Philadelphia.

Texas Dad Wrestles Alligator in Driveway

A Texas dad claimed he thought his child was playing hooky on her first day when she told him there was an alligator at his front door. However, she wasn’t lying, and the man had to use moves he learned from idol Steve Irwin to take down the predator.

“I’m thinking she’s joking, she’s trying to skip school, not go to school. I say, ‘Just stop! We’re going to school today. Just stop it,” Mike Trinh said to Houston’s KPRC2.

“Walked in front like, ‘Holy…yeah, there’s a gator!’”

The huge gator sat in the family’s driveway in Missouri City. Situated in front of the door, it blocked Trinh’s daughter from getting to school. It also prevented him from getting to his restaurant: Mike’s Seafood.

Trinh channeled his childhood hero, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, after no local authorities were available.

“Crickey!” the father said. “I’m doing it.” He said he learned a towel trick from Irwin that he employed on the alligator.

He told his 19-year-old daughter to video the scene because “no one is going to believe me if I told them!” Trinh threw several towels on the alligator’s mouth.

After successfully covering the gator’s head, Trinh brought his daughter to school. However, when he returned to find the animal still in his driveway.

With help from his 19-year-old, Trinh then wrestled the reptile. The pair securely wrapped the animal’s jaws closed with duct tape.

A friend helped Trinh load the animal into his car. They drove to a nearby pond, where they released the beast. Footage from the scene can be viewed here.