WATCH: Great Blue Heron Saves Smaller Bird From Massive Bald Eagle on the Hunt

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Sam Greenwood / Staff)

Recently, one nature lover caught an impressive video showing a great blue heron sounding an alarm warning a smaller bird of a hunting bald eagle. In the clip, we see the impressive bald eagle in the sky as it circles a body of water. Standing on a dock nearby is a great blue heron who has taken a very brave stance. Sending warnings to an American coot that is swimming in the lake. Giving the small bird a heads-up just before the bald eagle swoops down in hopes of capturing the American coot.

The American Coot Was Likely Very Thankful For The Blue Heron’s Big Mouth

Initially, the video clip looks like any outdoor scene. The bald eagle soars above as the sun beats down on the water. However, Missouri Department of Conservation officials note there is a lot more going on among the wildlife in the video.

This impressive moment was captured on video early this month and later shared with the Missouri Department of Conservation. As the footage unfolds, we see the soaring eagle fly over the water and along the treelines. The predatory bald eagle swoops down occasionally, in an effort to grab a small American coot that is wading in the water. But, all the efforts are foiled thanks to a great blue heron with a loud mouth!

The Bird On The Dock Stands Watch, Warning The Smaller Bird Of The Danger Overhead

The bald eagle keeps diving towards the water, hoping to scoop up a small wading bird. But the blue heron standing guard isn’t about to let this happen.

“While eagles have been known to occasionally prey on herons, this heron remains steadfast as the eagle attempts to grab the smaller coot,” the Missouri Conservation officials note.

The heron continues sounding the alarm as the focused bald eagle keeps swooping downward. The American coot continues swimming in the water, diving down under the surface every time the bald eagle nears. Eventually, the heron’s efforts pay off and the bald eagle calls it a day, perching on the top of a nearby tree, looking down at the apparently unattainable coot.

One viewer commented on the video wondering why the eagle didn’t just turn its sights onto the great blue heron. After all, the commenter points out, this bird was a “much easier target.”

The conservation officials were not surprised by this, however. Bald eagles usually feast on fish. They will also prey on reptiles, amphibians, and even other birds. However, a great blue heron is considered a “top predator” and they aren’t often preyed upon in nature.