WATCH: Great White Shark Circles Anglers’ Boat After Devouring Sea Lion in Gruesome Clip

by Sean Griffin

A viral clip of a massive great white shark currently captivates the Instagram world. In this short clip shared by user Mike McGill, a great white circles a fishing boat in bloody water after devouring a sea lion. The clip was captured nearly 23 kilometers off Mission Bay in San Diego, California.

In the video, the huge shark surfaces and approaches the boat. Many people shout “oh my god!” as they see the beast swimming toward them. The people aboard learn over the edge of the vessel to inspect the beast.

“He’s kissing the boat,” one viewer on the boat says in the footage. 

“So this happened yesterday 14 miles out on our friends boat who leave from the same dock in Mission Bay,” McGill wrote in his post’s caption.

In the clip, blood spreads out into the water from a sea lion carcass. According to Newsweek, the shark attacked the sea lion prior to the video starting.

“He’s a monster, dude,” someone in the video says. At the end of the video, the shark swims underneath the boat, then back toward the carcass. The shark disappears into the depths of the water.

In the comment section of his post, McGill clarified that they were not trying to bait the shark by putting the carcass in the water. One user asked: “What’s the big blood meat pile floating? From you guys or him?” McGill responded: “He nabbed a sea lion.”

Meanwhile, the video shocked plenty of users online. One said, “I’m scared watching this video on dry land.”

Great White Shark Won’t Venture As Close to Shore As This Hammerhead Does

In this insane viral clip posted to Facebook, a massive hammerhead shark wrestles a stingray and comes mere feet away from beachgoers standing on the shore. The video is taken overhead from a hotel balcony looking down on the beach.

The incident occurred in Orange Beach, Alabama, a popular tourist destination along the Gulf Coast. The huge hammerhead darts around the water chasing the stingray. In a NSFW audio, the woman videoing use expletives, warning the people to get out of the water and out of harm’s way. Luckily, everyone escapes in time before the hammerhead gets too close.

Some Facebook users joked about the woman’s commentary on the video. “After listening to her mouth I’d take my chances with the shark and jump from the railing,” one joked.

Another person wrote about this video being the exact reason they don’t swim in the ocean. “One of the reasons I don’t swim in the ocean. I’m perfectly fine hanging out on the shore.”

A final user joked that their family would have to find some other activity for the day. They wrote: “So alrighty kids, who’s ready to hit the arcade for the rest of the day?!?!”

Whether a great white shark or a hammerhead, these videos prove one thing: the majesty of sharks lies within their sheer power.