WATCH: Great White Shark Swims Right up to San Diego Paddleboarders

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

In this crazy video footage posted to Instagram, a great white shark swims very close to nearby paddleboarders in San Diego, California.

Whether the shark was intrigued by the paddleboarders or was hungry for them, we’re not sure. However, the two paddleboarders in the water get an up-close view of the shark as it swims closer.

The drone footage swirls overhead as the great white shark displays supreme spatial awareness. The shark always makes sure to stay in the middle of the paddleboarders, eventually splitting the difference between them.

The intense video footage can be seen below.

Plenty of Instagram users commented on the video, voicing their thoughts on the shark.

One user asked the original poster what would happen if a shark spotted a drone. “Do you know if sharks can see drones when they fly close to the water?” The user responded with a “mind-blown” emoji, leaving it at that.

“Omg this gave me so much chills,” another user wrote. “Why do they look even calmer than me I’d have paddled away so fast.”

A final user wrote about how the great white shark is interested in the paddleboarders. “That’s an incredible video,” they began. “Is funny how you always say GWS are so curious about paddle boards versus surf boards and is definitely true. What a curious gentle giant.”

Great White Shark Stalks Kayaker in Intense Clip

A great white shark circled a man’s kayak in this viral video. The suspenseful two-minute clip feels endless as the kayaker waits and records the shark’s movements. The video ends while the shark still circles, but the kayaker and his companions escaped safely.

The video was posted to YouTube channel Fisherman’s Chronicles. While the kayaker paddles off the coast in northern California, a great white shark approaches his kayak.

Great white sharks reside off the coast in this part of California, especially during the summer months. Sharks often circle objects in the water, and while it’s a commonly held belief that they do this before attacking prey, scientists say otherwise. They believe sharks circle objects in the water in order to get a better view of the object.

“That’s a huge great white shark, oh my god,” the scared man says in the video. “That’s a huge, huge great white shark. Oh my god, that’s the size of my kayak.” However, he surprisingly handles the situation with a calm response. He even records the encounter: first, with his head camera, then, with his phone, and then with a GoPro that he puts in the water for great close-up shots of the shark.

The man then calls out to other kayakers nearby, telling them that the shark is circling his kayak and that it’s getting very close to him.

In a caption to the video, Fisherman’s Chronicles says that it was “one of the most incredible and certainly humbling experiences.” The caption reveals what happened after the video. It apparently swam away “in search of something tastier.”