WATCH: Grizzly Bear Chases, Swims After Kayaker in Intense Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A kayaker leading a rafting tour was in for a wild surprise when a small grizzly bear charged him out of nowhere, getting within mere feet of the kayak.

The incident occurred on the Elaho River near Squamish, British Columbia in Canada. The juvenile charged from the bank of the river and started swimming toward the guide, who begins paddling backwards.

Someone on the large whitewater raft behind the guide filmed the incident with their GoPro camera. The rafters yelled out to their guide, telling him to paddle backwards as the grizzly bear swam toward him.

However, thankfully, no one was injured in the incident as the guide ended up escaping safely.

The video below, posted by @coreyboux, can be seen below. However, it is important to note that the GoPro distorts the camera view, making it appear like the bear is further away than it actually is.

“Yikes,” one person commented on the post.

“Cute in some way!” another wrote. “The bear most def wanted to join in on the fun!”

Another commenter voiced their opinion. “As long as the kayaker stays upright in his boat, he can easily outrun a swimming bear. I’m not so sure about paddlers in a raft.”

Maybe next time, rafters up near Squamish, British Columbia will bring bear spray on their run down the river!

Fearless Hunting Dog Scares off Giant Grizzly Bear

Dogs are great for many things: companionship, loyalty, and memories. However, in some cases, they can be terrific protectors. In this viral clip, an incredibly brave hunting dog scares off a giant grizzly bear in an open pasture.

The clip starts the huge bear walks up. The dog rolls around in the grass and remains unaware of the beast approaching in the distance. Then, as it sees the bear walking up, the dog’s ears perk up. It slowly walks toward the grizzly bear and barks twice, sending a warning. Then, it takes off on a full sprint toward the huge animal. The bear retreats into the woods, running as fast as it can. The dog slows up after just a few moments. Clearly, the grizzly didn’t want to mess with the dog.

The dog is a Karelian bear dog, a dog native to Finland. They’re a breed that specifically hunts big game like wild moose, elk, boar, and yes, even bears. The breed’s typical weight ranges from 44-66 pounds.

The clip can be viewed here on Air.TV.

However, if that grizzly had swapped places with this one from an insane Yukon Wildlife Cams video, the Karelian bear dog may have gotten a run for its money. In the clip, a grizzly bear marks a tree, scratches its back against it, and then turns on the jets and shows off its incredible speed.

This massive bear zooms past the wildlife camera, seemingly looking into the lens at one point in the video. Facebook users quickly commented on the size and speed of the beast. “Remember, you only have to be faster than your hiking partner!” one user joked.