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WATCH: Grizzly Bear Nearly Eats Wildlife Photographer’s GoPro Camera

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Mert Alper Dervis/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A grizzly bear has gone viral after attacking and trying to eat a GoPro camera before encountering the device again in a stream. The GoPro belonged to a wildlife photographer named Brad Josephs, who documents his escapades in the wilderness of Alaska.

The video begins with a grizzly bear in the background. Josephs’ GoPro camera seems to be nestled against a rock. The camera provides a wide panorama of the gorgeous Alaskan landscape, and with the bright green grass in the foreground, we can assume this video occurred around summertime. An overcast sky opens up to lush green mountains in the backdrop, and the grizzly bear waltzes up alongside a running stream.

As the bear nears the GoPro, he looks around, inspecting the surroundings. Then, he starts sniffing around, and the video cuts to a new frame, where the bear’s snout can be seen directly over the camera.

The bear sniffs around and eventually knocks over the camera with his large paw. The camera crashes to its side, and the bear flips it over. Then, the grizzly’s menacing face can be seen lurking directly over the lens. It puts its slobbery mouth directly over the lens, giving all viewers an extreme close-up of the bear’s pearly whites.

Footage of Grizzly Bear Used in BBC Feature ‘Great Bear Stakeout’

The bear starts licking, gnawing, and chomping on the camera, leaving the lens gooey and gross. It does appear that the bear may have cut itself on the equipment because a streak of bloodlines its snout. At one point, we see directly into the animal’s throat, and it’s a sight reminiscent of Predator.

The bear again starts clawing at the lens, and that’s when we get a glimpse of its gigantic claws. After a while, the bear looks around, seeming to be confused about what to do with the camera. At one point, the video cuts to Brad Josephs, the wildlife photographer, who is seen walking around with the camera.

Josephs eventually decides to move the GoPro into the stream. He places it in another picturesque spot, where clouds mist around bursting green mountains. Eventually, we see the grizzly bear jump back in the frame when Josephs is somewhere safely hiding. The bear plays in the water, hopping from small island to island and splashing around. At one point, the bear chases a few birds away. Then, a huge flock comes back. They seem to taunt the huge animal as he chases after them.

In his caption to the video, Josephs writes that some of the footage was used in a BBC feature called Great Bear Stakeout.

He also wrote that “amazingly, there was no damage to the camera.” That’s incredible, considering the sharp teeth and massive claws of the grizzly bear. One thing about this bear: he certainly isn’t camera shy.