WATCH: Grizzly Bear ‘Reclaiming’ Former Range Gets Scary Close to British Columbia Woman

by Amy Myers

A woman from Spallumcheen, British Columbia opened her door to find a fed-up grizzly bear taking back what was once woodlands and prime grazing grounds. Thankfully, the bear had no interest in interacting with the new resident and seemed only to want to explore the shrubs and flowers throughout her yard.

Local Caitlin Macdonald was the woman behind the lens. When she saw the bear outside her home near Mt. Rose Swanson, she stepped outside (staying very close to the door) and hit record.

Behind a row of purple blooms, the grizzly bear casually sauntered across her neatly manicured lawn, paying no mind to the human at the doorstep. The giant mammal continued on its route through the neighborhood, clearly not finding anything worth stopping for.

After MacDonald posted the video, the Armstrong Spallumcheen Trails Society picked it up and used it as a precaution for anyone living in and/or exploring the area.

“This bear doesn’t appear to be that old and is in good shape. With the cool, wet spring there is a pretty good berry crop out there so hopefully this bear is well fed and people leave it alone so it can stay out of trouble,” the society said. “Grizzly bears are increasing in number and reclaiming some of their former range after being hunted quite extensively in the past. The last grizzly bear that was spotted on the mountain was in 2020.”

Locals have since seen the grizzly bear near Walbridge Road.

“Please be careful when recreating on the mountain. Pack everything out so as not to create any attractants,” the trail society continued. “Travel in groups and make noise so bears know that you are coming. They would rather avoid you then confront you,” said the society.

Mail Carrier Runs into a Much Friendlier Visitor Than Grizzly Bear

Not too long ago, a mail carrier in Minnesota experienced a very different kind of animal encounter. While completing her route,  Fanjie Nelson came across an animal that wasn’t quite as intimidating as a grizzly bear. In front of one of the houses, a docile doe wandered up to the mail carrier, curious about the letter in her hand.

Nelson, playing along, offered the mail to the wild resident, asking if this was her home.

“You can have it, no? Take my mail,” she said in the adorable clip. “You have it. You live here, right? Isn’t this your house? Take it, what’s your name?”

Eventually, the doe decided to move on from the interaction, joining the second doe that was waiting patiently in the yard.

“Did you live here or not? That’s what I thought,” Nelson joked as the female deer wandered away.

She later captioned the clip, “Another great day of delivering mail in the Northland!”