WATCH: Grizzly Bear Takes Down Yellowstone Bison After Epic Battle

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In this crazy footage posted to YouTube, a grizzly bear and a bison face off at Yellowstone National Park. Ultimately, after a fierce battle, the bear defeats the bison.

The entire intense encounter was caught on camera by user Michael Daus, who provided an in-depth narrative of the encounter in the video’s description. The incident occurred back on May 31, 2020.

The footage begins with the bison seeming to have the upper hand. It charges toward the bear twice, both times sending the grizzly into retreat. However, the video cuts to a new scene where the bear has gotten a hold of the bison.

The grizzly bear rips off huge chunks of flesh and fur. The bison tries to escapes for minutes as cameraman Daus follows in his car. Eventually, the bison drags the bear to the nearby river and hops in, hoping to swim away. However, the bear never loses the bison and continues biting it. Eventually, the bison succumbs to its injuries, and the bear drags its body to the side of the river bank.

The video can be seen below.

According to the video’s description, the incident occurred around 2:00 in the afternoon between Biscuit and Midway Geyser Basins in Yellowstone.

Plenty of commenters took to YouTube to react to the incredible footage. Many congratulated Michael Daus for witnessing and capturing such an event. The footage definitely reminds us of the sheer strength and predatory prowess of grizzly bears.

People React to Footage of Grizzly Bear Killing Bison in Yellowstone

“It’s amazing how bears remain cognizant of their surroundings even during a fight/attack,” one user wrote. “Throughout the confrontation, the bear glances around to be sure that he isn’t going to be blindsided.”

Another person wrote to express their gratitude for how exceptional the recording of the event is.

“This encounter and your recording is beyond amazing,” they said. “You did a great job of following the action, and you were careful with your camera work. It is remarkable that you captured this with a cell phone.”

“Michael, incredible opportunity,” another commented. “You were fortunate to witness tough as it is to watch. Thanks for posting.”

One commenter wrote that they’ve been coming to Yellowstone for decades looking to capture footage as sensational as Daus.’ According to this commenter, Daus’ witnessing of the encounter was truly “rare and special.”

“I’ve been coming to Yellowstone as an adult since 1991. My major quest is photographing wildlife, especially grizzly bears,” they said. “I don’t know if you have any idea how rare and special is this footage you captured. We’ve never come anywhere close.”

They also went on to write about the rarity of grizzly sightings in that area of Yellowstone.

“It is particularly amazing that you photographed this in the Midway Geyser Basin. Grizzly shots in that area are very rare.”