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WATCH: Group of Tourists Risk Getting Attacked by Mama Bear While Crossing Bridge

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: John Morrison

It seems like every day we get reports of humans making poor decisions at our national parks. Sadly, this instance is no different. In a new clip from the Instagram account, ‘Tourons of Yellowstone,’ we see a group of tourists risk getting mauled by a mama bear after they encroached on her personal space.

In the video shared on Friday, users watch in horror as a group of tourists casually stroll along one of the park’s bridges as a mama bear and her cubs come hurling toward the people. Additionally, the tourists have also turned their back on the creatures, another no-no when it comes to human-wildlife interactions.

After the account posted the clip, Instagram users absolutely eviscerated the group of tourists for their dim-witted behavior. One user wrote, “I wouldn’t have been out of my car in the bridge in the first place. But a lot of those people should’ve just stopped running. Let momma bear get her cubs away to safety.

Someone else echoed their sentiment, adding, “We already destroy their ecosystems and created these wildlife zones and humans still harassing nature. Common sense is something from the past. Some Humans are just Taking oxygen and space.”

Setting the record straight on attacks from mama bears

While the tourists should’ve never gotten so close to the bears, it’s worth noting that one of the most common misconceptions humans have about black bears is that mothers will not think twice about attacking you if you get close to cubs. According to bear experts, grizzly bears are far more likely to maul you should you get too close. Reports indicate that 70% of killings by grizzly bears are a result of mothers defending their cubs. However, there is no report of a killing by a black bear in defense of cubs.

In addition, mothers and cubs were only involved in three of the 60 killings by black bears across the country since 1900.

Moreover, attacks from mama bears that don’t result in death are also rare. Experts say maybe a dozen individuals had had their feet bitten when they tried to climb up trees to escape bears.

In most cases, when people come across mamas with her cubs, most of the bears will run away. However, if her cubs climb trees and the bear remains on the ground nearby, she may show signs of bluster. A bluster is simply a defense mechanism to make her look ferocious though she is merely just scared.

Some indications of blustery are she is blowing as she paws at the group or a tree. She also might lunge toward the person, slamming her feet on the ground.