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WATCH: Harbor Seal Takes a Frosty Dip When Ice Breaks Underneath in Glacier National Park

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Kevin Schafer)

A pair of harbor seals found themselves to be on some thin ice recently as they try and settle in on top of a body of water at the famous Glacier National Park.

Maybe it’s the harbor seal version of a dunk machine…as two of these determined animals sit atop a very thin layer of ice, one of the pair regularly slips through the too-thin layer taking a couple of unexpected – and very chilly – dips in the water.

These Adorable Harbor Seals Make Quite The Splash Hanging Out At Glacier National Park

The adorable video shows two young harbor seals chilling out on a very thin layer of ice at Glacier National Park. The ice is so thin, in fact, that it’s hard to even see it. It appears as if the animals are sitting atop the regular currents, floating like little rubber duckies.

There are small chunks of ice spread out on the surface of the water, however, so we certainly get a glimpse of how cold this water is for the little harbor seals. This chill certainly did not stop the pair from making a splash in this adorable video clip. What’s even better is the fact that the video has little text narrations…giving a voice to what these seals are likely thinking while they are in their chilly precarious positions.

The video starts with one of the harbor seals chilling comfortably on the ice. But then, it tries to move. It’s a hilarious moment as the caption over the clip notes “I think I’ve made a mistake” as the animal begins to plunge into the icy waters. The harbor seals continue to try to get comfy on the ice, however, the thin layer isn’t very forgiving.

The first seal finds itself completely submerged in an instant…almost like someone hit a bullseye on a seal dunk tank! The video clip highlights this moment with text that reads “Lil splash.”

The video then shows a harbor seal trying to find its way back onto the layer of ice as a buddy calmly sits nearby. The seal gets partway up before the thin layer gives way…the caption here hilariously reads “not again!”

Is This Little One Going To Get A Moment To Rest?

At this point, we are one hundred percent rooting for this little guy. Sure, fun in the water is always a good idea for a seal. And, they don’t often mind the cold. However, all this little guy wants to do is hang out on the ice. The video clip hilariously backs up the last fall moving from the moment the seal falls in with the caption “not again!” with a replay that includes the caption “again!”

The 33-second clip is hilarious but we never really get to see how it ends. We hope this tenacious harbor seal finally got its rest on the ice!