WATCH: Heart-Pounding Trail Cam Footage Captures Doe Nearly Stepping on Huge Alligator in the Night

by Shelby Scott
(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

A Florida doe had an insanely close call while wandering the state’s marshes at night, coming within feet of stepping on a hungry alligator. Check out the heart-pounding trail cam footage below.

The clip is brief, and fortunately for the doe, she avoided the situation entirely. However, we can tell when the alligator really caught her sent as he slowly raised his head and began to grunt. Though he became aware of her presence, the deer safely headed deeper into the woods.

YouTube user Bobby Wummer Photography used the deer’s encounter with the alligator to remind Florida hunters to watch their step while out in the woods. They wrote in the caption, “With hunting season approaching and archery already started here in Florida — hunters beware where you step on your way to your tree stands.”

The photographer emphasized that aside from the light created by their infra-red trail camera, it would have been completely black in the frame. That fact further intensifies the likelihood of a human encounter with the alligator. They further emphasized that awareness of your surroundings is even more important in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Heavy rains and powerful storm surges left swamps and marshes completely flooded, camouflaging many other dangerous creatures.

Luckily for the deer in the video, the alligator had been sound asleep as it passed by, making it slow to engage. However, depending on a gator’s size, they are definitely capable of taking down unsuspecting deer when given the opportunity.

Florida Man Shares a Sugary Snack With Louisiana Alligators

Florida alligators and Louisiana alligators are, apparently, conditioned very differently. The viral video above captures a drowsy, though still powerful and territorial, alligator as it warns off a lone deer. However, another video from Louisiana’s bayou region shows a group of Floridians making companions out of the large scaley creatures.

Hester Dolgin and her husband were two of millions of people that evacuated their Florida homes ahead of Hurricane Ian. Leaving the Sunshine State behind, they headed to Louisiana. Once there, they learned the bayou region’s alligator population is a big fan of marshmallows.

Footage of the unusual encounter shows a handful of alligators perusing the waters surrounding the couple’s boat. In the video, the man hand feeds the reptiles marshmallows. The alligators’ appetites are apparently so satiated on marshmallows that the man is able to pet one of the massive reptiles on the head and shake its hind foot.

Speaking about the unusual, though equally humorous experience, Dolgin said of her husband that he “has petted lots of animals.”

“We went on a safari,” she continued, “and he petted a white rhino, a giraffe, llamas…there’s nothing he won’t touch.”

Realistically, giraffes and llamas aren’t usually capable of tearing your arm off like alligators are. Still, we still recommend avoiding petting wild animals as much as possible.