WATCH: Heart-Pounding Video Shows Hunter Fire Warning Shots at Stalking Mountain Lion to Scare it Away

by Amy Myers
Photo by: Nick Nass/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

As terrifying as mountain lion encounter videos are, what’s even more disturbing is the fact that these animals have been stalking their prey far before the person took notice.

Silently, these big cats crouch around the bushes, keeping a respectable distance from their prey before finding the perfect opportunity to strike. Likely, for this hunter, he thought he was alone until the mountain lion made it very clear that he was wrong.

The encounter took place in a Northwestern state in the heart of a dry and dusty meadow. The cougar blended perfectly into the shrubbery until it confidently sauntered towards the man, who trained a Glock (likely either a 9mm or .45) at the wild cat as he slowly made his way out of the area.

When the mountain lion came too close for comfort, the man fired a warning shot to ward the still-approaching animal away. After a second shot, the cougar finally seemed to get the message and hesitantly abandoned its well-equipped prey.

Watch the intense encounter below.

Hunter Walks Away From Mountain Lion Encounter Without a Scratch

Honestly, the man deserves a sportsman award for how well he handles the situation. Nervous as he was, he maintained his composure as he correctly kept eye contact with the animal and effectively fired his sidearm. All the while, he continued to slowly but steadily move away from the animal and at the same time hold his ground, a delicate and crucial balance to maintain while staring down a very lethal predator.

On top of all of this, the hunter managed to avoid putting down the mountain lion or getting a scratch himself – not even a swipe to the leg.

And let’s not forget that between the anxiety and the perfectly-aimed warning shots, the hunter managed to film the entire incident on his phone.

We may not have an award show, but we can at least give this man our official Outsider approval.

Fellow Hunter Faces Cougar With Only a Stick in Hand

Further south in Utah, a bow hunter named Laurien Elsholz was on the prowl for spike elk when she realized she wasn’t the only prey animal in those woods.

Just as before, she found herself face-to-face with a mountain lion with little notice. Unfortunately, though, she couldn’t draw her bow without raising alarm. Instead, she used the only other viable weapon she had on hand – her walking stick – and she swatted the animal away until the cat no longer felt the need to pursue her.

According to Elsholz, just before the mountain lion initially advanced toward her, she noticed the smell of a rotting animal. She believes that the cat was only protecting its kill and had no interest in stalking her further.